Nissan Silvia 200SX

We all pride ourselves on the vehicle we drive whether it is a family car or our pride and joy. I am a car enthusiast and want nothing but the best for my car. After owning it for approximately 6 years I thought it was time to have the car repainted. With no expense spared I set out to have it painted like new by a well known paint shop. After spending thousands on the car and waiting months I was rather disappointed to see the end result. The car was not to standard and not what I was expecting. The look of my car was enough to turn my thoughts to selling the car. Going through my old photos of the car I found a picture taken by Pete (Dr Buff) approximately 3 years earlier when the paint was 11 years old. I looked at the car with the photo in my hand only to find that the old paint at the hands of Pete looked better than the freshly painted car before me.Not long after having it painted I saw Pete, the only Pro car detailer (Dr Buff) at the local shops. Having sent my car to him previously and being really impressed with the results I spoke to him about the issue. Pete organised to look at the car in person and began to discuss my options with me making me fully aware of the different products and finishes they would give. The car was delivered to Pete’s workshop where it was taken in and one panel was masked off. Pete explained the various marks and damage to the paintwork and what would be required to correct these. The demonstration took over an hour and various passes to remove the marks left by the painter. The panel looked amazing with a nice depth of colour and amazing shine. It looked like new just what I thought the end result would be after having it painted. Without hesitation I agreed to let Pete completely go over the car with the paint correction procedure he demonstrated. Days later I picked up the car and was amazed by what I saw in front of me. The car looked amazing. I was so impressed that I wanted to seal the car in a bubble so that nothing ever happened to it. The thought of selling the car was immediately removed from my mind. Picking up the car from Pete was like purchasing a brand new car, I felt the same way I did when I bought it. The car came with some care instructions from Pete showing a true passion for what he does. The care for your car doesn’t stop the minute you pick it up. Pete suggested proven products to look after the car and several washes later the car still looks amazing.Thank you Pete for returning my passion to my toy. My little brother would also like to say thanks with the car receiving lots of attention and several compliments everytime it gets driven.

Kind regardsMajBlue Nissan 200sx

Andrew Detailing Volvo S40

My father used to bang on… If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. That just about sums up Peter’s approach, passion and professionalism when it comes to making cars look the best they can.Bottom line for me, make the investment in a true specialist and you will be deeply satisfied. and Pete’s a good bloke to boot.Thanks Peter,

Andrew Galvin Newtown


Well, the search started for someone with experience in working with black cars. Having a black car is special, special because there is a ten minute window between having cleaned the car and when dust suddenly realises it’s missing out and quickly attaches itself to the surface……during that ten minute window, the car looks amazing, there is no other colour to rival black, the depth and shine you get is so deep. However, it is the last black car I will ever own…..it’s a nightmare to keep clean and I could tell

Peter was thrilled to take it on, especially when he found out it was a Subaru and those in the know will appreciate what a wonderful medium Subaru paint is to work on. 😉 It was the usual story with the reason why I wanted it in, the car is 5 years old now and after a fair few thousand km’s and numerous washes the custom webbing is giving the effect of looking like I had no idea how to buff wax off my car and was starting to annoy me. I wanted to try and drive in the shadow of the sun so it didn’t show the imperfections up so much!

Google was my friend and after doing a couple of days researching someone who did paint correction and knew their stuff when it came to black cars, Peter became my victim, I mean saviour !Cut a long story short, I handed Peter my car. It looked miserable and unkept having had a hard week driving me back and forth from work and such, so I went away to do an exam and other bits and pieces whilst Peter worked his magic.A few hours later, I had the joyous news that I could come and pick up my baby. When I turned up I certainly was not disappointed.

The car hadn’t looked that good EVER even from new. The glassy finish and reflection is exactly as I wanted it and now I don’t want to sell it!!!!! I just wish it would stay like that 24/7!I am at work at the moment and every now and then I am walking to the window to admire it glinting in the sunlight, in between that, I am writing this! :)Thanks Pete, your work and hospitality was fantastic, look forward to seeing you and family again!


Graham and Mary Ford Black F6

We were practically in tears when we came to you with our Ford FPV, that was recently bought brand new from Ford. The car is still under warranty and we returned it back to Ford to have the colours match on the plastics and to remove the swirling and the Holograms. When the car was returned to us, there was new holograms on the bonnet, sanding marks and a new lot of scratches on the car.We then decided that this car required work from a professional and qualified car detailer. We then found you (Dr Buff) on your website and we were gob smacked by your work on black vehicles.

The services was beyond our expectations and your workman ship is second to none, and delivering us a car that is so deep and rich in colour, it was hard to believe it was the same car.Thank you for your tiring and exercising efforts on this car, we would gladly recommend you to anyone in need of a professional and experience car body detailer.

Kind Regards Graham and Mary Five Dock NSW


Black Lexus Hi Peter,I don’t usually write follow up email’s, but I have been so impressed at the quality of your car detailing work that I just had to. Thank you once again for your paint correction work on my Lexus. The car looks simply amazing. Totally!I came to you initially with low expectations of what car detailing would achieve. After having had advice from several sources to have the car re sprayed, visiting you was my last resort

I was seriously considering selling the car due to initial quotes I was given for a respray.Your passion for your work and professionalism came through so evidently in the first few minutes of meeting you. I am so thankful I made that one last call to you on that Saturday morning asking your opinion after stumbling across your web site.Your finished work far exceeded all my expectations. Your work is outstanding – you are a perfectionist to the nth degree. The car really does look like it’s just come from the dealer showroom. You are honest with your observations, you are direct and straight to the point, you treat the car like it is your own and the time you took to walk me through everything you did made me very comfortable in trusting you with my car.I would very highly recommend you to anyone who has paint problems with their car. Keep up the great work!

Regards Rohan


Black SS Commodore

Only three letters can describe Peter’s efforts in car detailing and what he did to transform my car: I’ve been looking into getting car detailing done recently, and I have had the car since new and it’s my daily drive and goes everywhere. Though, I have to admit that I am a bit fussy with it when it comes to appearance.Basically, getting a car costs approx: $200 -$250 these days. I’ve had friends in the past who have had these so called car detailing services and have been promised that the treatment will last amount of years Blah, blah, blah.The poor buggers didn’t know that after a couple of washes swirl marks and other nasties would appear. So, after some extensive research into car detailing, I thought I might pay the Doctor a visit. What immediately made my mind to go with the Doctor was his professionalism and his ability to describe the difference between a detail option to that of a paint correction treatment.And, to be honest, the price difference between getting Peter involved to that of a car detail is marginal.Seriously !The proof is in the result. So, anyway, we decided on a suitable date for the car to get treated. I even asked Peter if I could stay and watch the procedure and he had no issues with that;his only words  were ” its going to be a long day “. I mean how long can this take – 1, 2, maybe three hours.He laughed ! The car rolled into Peter’s driveway at 8am. It got a bath and a wipe down then was rolled inside his workshop.It took him nearly 1 hour to mask the car.

From this moment on, I realized that Peter was not your average detailer. The meticulous care in which he was applying himself just showed how passionate he is about his work, and just let me tell you all, that my car is in good condition, hence the reason I thought it would only take a couple of hours.WRONG.One side of the car took that amount of time. Amazing! Pete gave the car 4 passes before going onto the next stage.In between the stages I took a photograph of the treated side and sent it to my son so he could see just how clear the reflections were, only to reply with, ;but dad, I can only see you with your iphone. I can’t see our car

You have to laugh So, after nearly 12 hours at Peter’s place and copping a canning from the wife for being late for a dinner date, I am one very happy customer. Peter, when it comes to car detailing and your customers, you’re truly brilliant, honest, passionate and hardworking.(attributes hard to find these days). Many thanks firstly for your efforts in professional car detailing, and handing back to me a car which the end result is amazing and doesn’t even compare to when I first bought the car from new when it rolled out of the factory floor. Mate, keep up the great work and we’ll have to organise a Dr’s appointment  for my wife’s car to be booked in. And, for the 100th time, NO, the car’s not for sale.Take care, and see you soon.

Thanks once again mate. i now have a car that’s shines and is silky smooth (geeeez, I’m beginning to sound like Zohan;)

Regards Tony.


Black Astra

Hi Dr Buff,I just wanted to thank you again for the great work you did with my Black Astra.I know it was a challenge with all the scrapes and scratches but thanks to you it now looks amazing! you certainly exceeded both my husband and my expectations.Just by talking to you over the phone I got a sense that you were very passionate & take pride in your work.Although your quote was higher than your competitors I’m so glad I didn’t trust anyone with my 2nd most valuable asset.The end result speaks for itself! Thanks again

Sara .


Mitsubishi Mirage

Hi Peter,Thank you so much! I am thrilled with the way the car has come up. Very much appreciated.Cheers,

Alison Natasha

Black Hyundai

Wow, I am absolutely thrilled with my car detailing. Peter is a great guy, genuine, hard worker and you see the passion he has for cars and their appearance. It makes a real difference dealing with someone who is so above board and professional. The attention to detail has blown me away.It was so nice to be given options and not be pressured in any way. His explanations are very clear and have actually opened my eyes to what NOT to do.I can not recommend Dr Buff highly enough. I had to pick my jaw off the ground when I saw my car and I still keep going to the garage to sneak another peak!

Thanks again Peter, and keep up the AMAZING work!


Rob Land Rover

To: Peter Dr. Buff Dated:

PAINT CORRECTIONS 6TH December 2009.Dear Peter, I am writing to thank Dr. Buff and in particular yourself in sacrificing a Sunday for an exceptional job you had done on my Land Rover Discovery. I congratulate you on your professional skill, flamboyance and perzas in detailing my vehicle to look new again. The attention to detail and pride within your skills is a legacy that I intend to pass onto any person who requires a true specialist in vehicle paint corrections and paint protection treatment.

Regards Rob Gear Director of training

Brad  Mitsubishi VRX

Dr Buff,Wow!! My lancer VRX came back to me in better condition than what it was when i purchased the car in 2007!! Great work and communication. Peter is on his game when it comes to detailing cars. I highly recommend car lovers go to Dr Buff. I shopped around as you do, and Peter was streets ahead of other detailers around,once again thank you Dr Buff . Keep up the great work, i love my car

Regards Brad H.


I have known Peter (Dr Buff) for a short time and it didn’t take me long to immediately recognize the quality and high standard of car detailing that is performed. I myself have a passion for cars and for detailing to the highest standard.Dr Buff has a passion and integrity for his honest work. He loves nothing better to achieve and push the limit to where nobody dares to go by working long hard ours to achieve the miracle of perfection and by doing that uses only the best products that money can buy. Including, Micro Pezza the leader in Micro Fibre detailing cloths for the automotive and marine world.An honest man with a love and passion for car detailing.  No one I know goes to this extent of Dr Buff.

Regards Stef


I am not used to writing about a car service however my wife and I were very satisfied with what has come out of the car detailing that Peter has done.  He even gave pointers on how I can have the plastic moldings back to its original state.

Peter does not look at car detailing as a job, it is his passion and considers it an art. A passion and art that he is very much willing to share to everyone.He treats every car as a unique opportunity to use his art and bring out the car’s true potential.I will definitely spread the word about Peter’s work and his passion for cars. What would our cars be without someone like Peter?

I wish you the best mate and hope that the passion in you will continue burning.

John Ford Escape Silver

Hey Peter Amazing work Peter!! After the interior detailing I had from you for my Land cruiser, I like my ride more than ever. You have done The perfect job for a very reasonable price. Really appreciate your hard work. I will never hesitate to recommend you for anyone looking for a quality job for their ride.

Best Regards,Thanura

Hi Peter.I’m writing to express my deepest gratitude for the work you carried out on my FG XR6 this week.The results were stunning to say the least. I thought my cars paint was at the point of no return upon your first look and comments but after doing the test patch on the bonnet I was more than happy for you to take the car and do what you do best.As I said the results were stunning and exceeded my expectations.I have just read the write up and viewed the pictures on your new website. Great job.I will have no hesitation in recommending your work to others in the future.Thanks again for your efforts.

Cheers and kind regards Evan

Hi Pete, I would like to thank you for the work that you did on my black SSV, I was honestly surprised at the way the paint came up, just brilliant. I recently purchased the car second hand, and the dealer obviously tried to buff the car, leaving behind swirl marks and fine scratches that looked horrible. However, now the car has that smooth mirror finish, and the deep black look, just the way it was intended to be! Your passion for cars and detailing shows up in the quality of your work. Your communication from the time I called, till the time I picked up the car was great. As too was your advice for ongoing maintenance for keeping the car looking great.I’m really happy with the result, and would recommend you to anyone!

Thanks again


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