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Carlos Infante
Carlos Infante
Thanks Pete, the car looks amazing with the ceramic coating. You have done an amazing job. It’s great to have someone with passion of his work that you can entrust your brand new car with.
Arvin Wiyono
Arvin Wiyono
Call Peter for any new car ceramic coating you may need. Purchased a new vehicle and the car dealers were overcharging by nearly 1000 dollars. After speaking to Peter, I felt confident in getting what I was paying for and the results most CERTAINLY spoke for themselves.
Rita Aquilina
Rita Aquilina
By far the best car detailer in Sydney I have come across to date. Has done 4 of my cars now and definitely does not disappoint. Thanks for everything Pete
Ruby Lindsey
Ruby Lindsey
Had scratches and swirl marks inflicted on my car by a bad car wash and being a black beamer did not help. After restoring damaged paint from the car wash, the car was that shiny I could not help but apply a ceramic coating just to protect the new shine. Talk to Peter from Dr Buff. You will not be disappointed.
Melanie Osborne
Melanie Osborne
Absolutely mind-blowing shine on my new Merc with ceramic coating. Makes the new Mercs at the dealers look average. If you need paint protection for a new car, Pete is the man for paint protection. Easy to talk to and delivers over and above results. Highly recommended
Wendy Adam
Wendy Adam
Fantastic experience with Peter. Paint protection for my new car. I thought it looked great when I picked it up from the dealership the week before but after a day with Peter it looked amazing!!!!! Highly recommend his services.
Bhairav Car coating centre (Grooming centre)
Bhairav Car coating centre (Grooming centre)
Nice product I used in 99-2000 for polish
S Jones
S Jones
Dr Buff is a lifesaver !! My car had a massive mark on the bonnet and he fixed it in under an hour! Super pleasant, super professional and my car looks brand new again !! I highly recommend
Ash Foxx
Ash Foxx
I have just completed my masters in paint correction with Pete! I can honestly say his experience and expertise in this industry is next level The way he brakes everything down and the time he takes to explain everything I's remarcable . I am so very grateful for the time he has taken to further my knowledge in my profession Petes brain is a mountain of knowledge And a Brian worth picking He is a cut above the rest ! Thanks Pete 😊
Blake Jennings
Blake Jennings
Just Completed my paint correction course. I felt Peters passion for making cars come back to life and I turn my enthusiasm to learn was elevated even further. I felt relaxedthroughout my training. I come out with a massive confidence that I can complete cars at high standards Peter is a wealth of knowledge and I appreciate him passing that knowledge over to me. Anyone wanting to do a training course, do it with Dr Buff excellent trainer and mentor Thanks again Peter.

Car Detailing Campbelltown

Car Care However Is Dr Buff’s no 1 Priority and we are the No 1 Sydney car detailing and paint correction professionals.

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Paint Correction Specialist in Sydney

Professional Toughseal And Opticoat Paint Correction Services Get Your New Car Paint Protection From A Trusted Applicator DR BUFF

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Meguiars Certified Detailers

We chose a test vehicle which happens to be a 4WD and applied Meguiars cutting compounds and finishing compounds.

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Covid 19 Cleaning Services

Professional Covid 19 Cleaning services provide the best protection from Covid and bacteria pathogens that can infect your car interior

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Car Detailers Sydney

Is Your Car Covered In Scratches And Swirl Marks ?

Would You Like To Restore That New Car Look ?


” Restore Old Scratched Faded Paint To A New Shine With Dr Buff “

Dr Buff are Sydney car detailers that produce nothing but exceptional shines when you need the best car detailers in Sydney. Restore damaged, scratched or faded car paint with Paint correction with one of Sydney’s best car detailers. Looking for professional car detailing for car paint restoration duties in Sydney and not just an everyday car detail? We are not your average cut and polish detailers

Got swirl marks and scratches all over your car paint, how about machine polish marks? Are you searching for car paint decontamination servicesCar paint correction really is the true art form of car paint restoration for repairing damaged auto paint by actually removing swirl marks, holograms or light scratches from car paintwork and restoring it to a mirror finish that is most times often better than a respray. In ten out of ten cases, only professional car detailers can provide this service.

It’s not your average service Sydney car detailers provide when it comes to car detailing. If you are asking how much does car detailing usually cost, the best way to approach this is to view the vehicle as no two cars are identical in damage.

Being one of the best professional Sydney car detailers and paint correction specialists in Sydney, and certified by Meguiars, you can only be guaranteed top results with your ride. Located in South Western Sydney Campbelltown, Dr Buff isn’t just the best high-end car detailers in Sydney, but the top detailer in Macarthur 2560 NSW.

Car Detailing and car polishing go hand in hand with overall perfection. Dr Buff has been doing this for well over two decades now and we are also serious professionals in ceramic paint protection services when it comes to killer mirror finishes.

If you’ve been wanting to remove swirl marks from car paint or even worse, had complications with removing light scratches or swirl marks from car paint or imperfections in general, then you’ve come to the right place for the best paint correction in Sydney.

We are also highly experienced as black car detailers and provide prestige car detailing in Sydney and ceramic coatings for cars of all European makes and models. You’ve also come to the right place if you’ve been wanting to know how to start a car detailing business. This is basically what we like to call the beginner’s guide to car detailing. Talking about ceramic coating paint protection, check out our latest review on Toughseal QFX ceramic coatings

Looking For The Best Sydney Car Detailing Professionals ?

Being one of Sydney’s best car detailers in prestige and muscle cars, we have come to be known as one of the best in paint correction, car detailing and paint protection services for new or used cars in Sydney through just sheer dedication to our craft and restoring paintwork through pure passion to levels our customers never expected.

We are known as probably the best black car detailers or dark coloured auto paint experts in Sydney when it comes to paint correction for cars or even detailing. Not your normal Sydney car detailers but specialists in restoring car paint.

How Can Professional Car Detailing Help Rejuvenate Faded Or Scratched Paintwork?

We can help correct and restore paint surfaces from swirl marks, webbing, car wash scratches or severe car wash damage and very many different types of damaged paint surfaces with professional car buffing/machine polishing with paint correction techniques and then apply for car paint protection just to show off your newly restored paint surfaces and gleaming new ride.

Paint correctionWe even provide a paint correction course should you be wanting to join this wonderful field of automotive love.

From the starting stage of a car that just doesn’t look good to a mirror finish is what Dr Buff has to offer. After all, we are known as of the best in training detailers in paint correction from around the country.

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What Cars Can We Help Restore With Paint Correction?

From classics to prestige cars, everyday cars, collectables or the toy that is driven once a month, we can help restore your paint to a pristine finish using carefully guarded and crafted techniques that take years to master using top quality polishing products from around the globe to transform your car into a work of art.

We have done thousands of cars that have been totally transformed after paint correction services. If you’ve been wanting to remove swirl marks or imperfections from car paint and not cover it up, this is the way to do it. This is not car detailing.

Car Detailing SydneyWith skill, the right materials and craftsmanship that spans years in the auto detailing industry, you too can achieve the results you are looking for.

If you need to deal with good detailers, then deal with seriously professional car detailers, Dr Buff. Professional car detailing, paint correction to restore car paintwork and car paint protection services for new or used cars, right here in Sydney. We are well known for doing muscle and classic car detailing, general vehicles paint correction and prestige cars detailing and paint correction.

How Long Have We Been In The Paint Correction and Detailing Industry?

As Sydney Car Detailers we have been in the auto detailing services trade for more than 20 years Now. From paint correction to being a Ceramic coating Sydney specialist, we have accumulated in that time a wealth of knowledge in restoring car paint from scratches and swirl marks to imperfections and having evolved with eve changing paint technology.

In the last thirty years, we have seen a huge range in technology involving the metamorphosis of car detailing products and the huge scale in improving paint finishes as well as the improvement in car paint protection applications.

No longer are waxes just waxes or car polishes just car polishes. It takes skill, and experience to be able to apply all these factors to get a pristine permanent lasting gloss finish. So if you need a Pro in car detailing, paint correction or paint protection services for new or used cars, give us a call today if you want to know what is the best car paint protection for your car, and we can certainly help. Especially if you are enquiring about ceramic paint protection coatings or acryloplexin paint protection

Car detailing is not something we see as a job, in fact, it’s not even considered as a business to us. This is a passion that we have excelled at for years when it comes to making cars look good. Whether it is detailing, paint correction or even paint protection for your car or even car paint protection for a new car, we know the way and how to make your car look really good.

Are We Mobile Sydney Car Detailers?

Yes, we are mobile detailers only for car fleet detailing services and this also includes paint correction for cars and right down to Covid 19 cleaning and disinfection for cars. Dr Buff is known as one of the best car detailers in Sydney when it comes to producing exceptional shines. As professional car detailers, we often get customers coming from everywhere in Sydney from the Northern Beaches, Sydney west like Parramatta, Penrith, Blacktown, Southwest Sydney. We are the ceramic coatings Campbelltown experts, Castle Hill, Northern Suburbs, and North Western Suburbs, Western suburbs and Eastern Suburbs like Bondi, East Sydney, and so on. Also to add, if you are looking for training in ceramic coatings, we also now offer ceramic coating training classes, so please call and enquire.

Our customers come from everywhere In Sydney and travel good distances because they want the best detailers in Sydney treating their vehicles to quality car detailing or paint correction. Not low quality cheap car detailing

Black Car Detailers
Paint Correction Training
Best Paint Correction Specialists
HSV Car Detailers
Mercedes Car Detailing

Car Detailing

Professional Car Detailing In Paint Correction And Paint Protection For New Or Used Cars


As much as we regret to say, Dr Buff is not a cafe car wash or a fast one hour mobile car detailing Sydney service. Car detailers in Sydney these days are a dime a dozen and so is dirt cheap mobile car washes. Cheap mobile servicing just damages cars, period. It’s not professional car detailing and never will be.

We fix cars damaged by car washes and cheap mobile detailers all the time. The old buff and polish as it’s known these days is what we know as paint correction.. Cut and polishing really is a science when it comes to understanding the materials that are required to achieve results from scratched, swirled or weathered paintwork

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Toughseal Paint Protection Applications


Our Paint Protection chemically bonds to all painted surfaces by using the elasticity of a hydrophobic film that acts as a barrier between the car paint and the destructive elements your vehicle faces every day including Ultra Violet fading, Acid Rain Etching, Bird Lime, Road Salts, Nasty wash chemicals and many more. From Porsche paint protection to Mercedes paint protection and many other marques, we provide trusted paint protection coatings that work..

This provides you with peace of mind that your vehicle is protected with the most advanced leading edge technology available. With one of the main chemicals being PTFE, this product is more than designed to withstand excessive heat temperatures. If it is used in cookware as a non stick system, imagine what it can do for your car paint when it comes to high temperature resistance or anything like bugs or other chemicals sticking to your paint. It is also very Hydrophobic when it comes to water. Rain or water just glide straight off your paintwork. It truly is one of the best paint protection coatings on the market

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Hi Peter, Wow! What an unbelievable result! I just wanted to thank you again and let you know how happy I am with the amazing job you did on my RX-7. As you know when I bought the car to you it had quite visible swirl marks (from the previous owners poor washing technique), as well as a couple of scratches that I feared would not be able to be removed short of a respray. You managed to remove every single one of these and restored the cars finish to a level that has to be seen to be believed, it looks like it just rolled off the factory floor! I was blown away when I came to pick up the car, it looks simply stunning. The result you managed to achieve with the paintwork on the car is a credit to you. Few people have the passion or patience to work for as long as it takes to achieve a flawless result like this. I have already and will continue to recommend you to anyone in the market for paint correction / detailing in the future. Keep up the great work. Cheers, Matt P.S. Can you please send me copies of the photos you took? That would be great. Thanks again, Matt
Hi Pete Just a quick one mate. Absolute full respect to what you're able to achieve. As I said to Sharon, what you do can't be taught,it's as simple as that. Meguiars Certified or not, you either have it or you don't. I'm a perfectionist but honestly wouldn't know the first thing about how to go about what you achieved today. Knowing how to work the various pads with the different compounds at the right RPM'S to achieve " wet " paint look is simply automotive art and hats off to you. I've used wet look products in the past but Christ.....I was kidding myself. I know I'm harping but your passion is second to none Pete and is bloody refreshing in today's world. I was looking at the paint till the sun disappeared with the in-laws. They were GOBSMACKED at the flawlessness. Tomorrow will be a great day. Cheers Pete. Chris
Cheers Pete
For car paint repair, this Man IS... THE ORICLE I took my Mercedes CLK320 to Peter after the paint work had been severely trashed. I tried to work the scratches out of the paint, while making it dreadfully worse.... My heart sunk. Small job or on the verge of needing a $9,000 paint job, Peter bought my Merc back from the dead! Seriously! Mate, I can't thank you enough. You're the man!
MMA Academy / 0431 987 547
Hi Pete, I would like to thank you for the work that you did on my black SSV, I was honestly surprised at the way the paint came up, just brilliant. I recently purchased the car second hand, and the dealer obviously tried to buff the car, leaving behind swirl marks and fine scratches that looked horrible. However, now the car has that smooth mirror finish, and the deep black look, just the way it was intended to be! Your passion for cars and detailing shows up in the quality of your work. Your communication from the time I called, till the time I picked up the car was great. As too was your advice for ongoing maintenance for keeping the car looking great. I’m really happy with the result, and would recommend you to anyone! Thanks again Regards Dave
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