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Specialists In Car Detailing Paint Correction

Sydney Specialists in Car Detailing Paint Correction and Paint Protection Services

What you need to know about us is that we take car detailing seriously. It is not just another cut and polish service to us and It is irrelevant of what type of vehicle you drive. We use world-renowned lasting products for auto detailing services, Auto Glym, and  Meguiars. We have also ventured into the use of P.T.F.E. and the latest ceramic coatings for cars . You may also want to check out our latest review on Toughseal QFX ceramic coatings. It is the best paint protection for cars that you can get today.

Car_Detailing_Mustang_With_Me-310x240Whether your car is worth 10.000 dollars or over 100.000 dollars the complete treatments apply to all manner of paint finishes. If it is swirl marks,  scratches or just plain imperfections, anything that can be  removed, is removed.

We are here to achieve results. We have a passion for what we do. We strictly adhere to the rule of  one vehicle per day for professional car detailing or paint correction. Vehicles are dropped off in the morning and picked up late afternoon.


This not just provides all the time required, but also provides not just a shine, but more importantly a glass finish achieved from the best paint products on the market and the know-how to apply them with the time required. Professional car detailing as far as car exteriors is concerned is the “in-depth” technical side otherwise known as paint correction. People just don’t know that. If you have been wanting to learn to buff your own ride, you can always do a short course in car buffing which is part of our car detailing training. It is better than learning how to polish car paint by hand, I guess


RT_Charger_With_Me_1-420x345We have always believed that high standard professional car detailing, or paint correction results are achieved with time. We always believe in this theory and the results speak for themselves. There are no shortcuts here. The “WOW” factor on our customer’s faces says it all.  “My car did not look like this when I bought it” or  “ I don’t want to drive it”, are comments heard all the time. A simple stage one paint correction treatment alone can achieve remarkable results.







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  • Car Care However Is Dr Buff’s no 1 Priority

  • we are the No 1 Sydney car detailing

  • Being accredited in professional car detailing
    and as a paint correction specialist


  • Dr Buff,

    Wow!!  My lancer VRX came back to me in better condition than what it was when i purchased the car in  2007!! Great work and communication. Peter is on his game when it comes to detailing cars. I highly recommendcar lovers go to Dr Buff. I shopped around as you do, and Peter was streets ahead of other detailers around,once again thank you Dr Buff . Keep up the great work,”love my car”

    Regards Brad H.Brad MitsubishiVRX

  • Hey Peter

    Amazing work Peter!!  After the interior detailing I had from you for my Landcruiser, I like my ride more than  ever. You have done “The perfect” job for a very reasonable price. Really appreciate your hard work. I will  never hesitate to recommend you for anyone looking for a quality job for their ride. And I’ll be back for exterior  detailing soon.

    Best Regards,

    Thanura Thanura

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