Autoglym car cleaning products are used by more than 20 motor manufacturers around the world. Autoglym is one product which is to be found  in many areas of the automotive industry and are more than utilised by the family car owner, the professional users, and of course the concourse  lovers.

Autoglym has the benefit of many technical approvals from many leading vehicle manufacturers and also has close relations with owners car  clubs. They certainly do their best at attending many automotive public functions or events.  is located in Letchworth, UK. This company was established in 1965 by a Motor Trade entrepreneur who devised a unique system for  restoring the original appearance of  used car paintwork.

Today the Autoglym name is highly recognised and respected with high quality car care and vehicle valeting products around the globe.  Recognition and technical approvals by Jaguar, Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and other top market names contributed to  Autoglyms successful rise to stardom.

Autoglym has recognised international approvals from more than forty car marques with many leading car manufacturers and importers  prefering and choosing  Autoglym products above anything else for on-line production work, main-dealer use and car show preparation.Autoglym is also one of our other products that we use. Again, we are after only one thing. A glass finish. Remember,this is not auto detailing  but paint correction.We tested this product on a 4WD as well as our other product, Meguiars to show the results of the products we use. A  proper service product always provides proper service results.

The 4WD we chose is not a show car by all means. It is an everyday 4WD that is used by its owner. It has your every day general abuse of bush bashing scratches, swirl marks, pits , chips, orange peal and other minor flaws.

As stated in our Meguiars page, we did not already take a show car paint job from a top dollar toy that already has shine, polish it up and show  it to you. This is a real car with real results. Not some top dollar fancy toy or other jargon car which is driven anywhere from once a week to once  a month, and never sees a drop of rain or fall out.. We do paint correction on real cars that see use and abuse, not toys. We show you what on  average can be achieved from an everyday wearing paint finish.

Below are some photos of Autoglym results which we tested on this 4WD. We asked this customer if he would mind and allowed us to test  some Autoglym products on his vehicle. He jumped at the chance and  was more than happy to help, and we took great advantage of it. Especially being black

For example purposes however, it will do just fine.  We also tested an inferior product which for legal reasons ofcourse cannot disclose the  Manufacturer, or we’d be dragged through the legal ropes. We can however promote products that do work.The most aggressive compounds are alway cutting compounds. The harshest are always reserved  for the most serious of paint flaws. Most detailers however don’t see it this way. The harshest of compounds always remove serious amounts of paint material.

Before. Original damage on left side of tape.

The softer the paint, the more material lost. It is only natural for a cutting compound to inflict swirl marks, otherwise it would not restore the  damaged area. The idea of course is to use the least aggressive method possible to remove damage, therefore also saving much material off  your paint work

After Cutting

Swirl marks left

Swirl marks left

Although this is just
an ultrafine cut it still
does inflict swirl
marks which have to
be removed

Swirl marks left
behind from
Autoglym ultrafine

Completed photos

Fast Car Detailing Products

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In most cases these days, many detailers choose to use inferior products for the purposes of saving money on outlaying for materials and also  being able to offer very cheap detailing services. We approached a manufacturer searching for a product that could offer a single pass of polish  over a vehicle which produced healthy results and were offered a product which supposedly achieves this. We were also informed that this  product does not inflict swirl marks and does not contain any filling compounds………………We were actually lied to. There is no such thing.

  • This offending compound left
    swirl marks everywhere
  • The swirl marks are pictured on the left hand side of the 
    tape in the  photos. These marks were later removed with 
    proper compounds from Autoglym.

When you see the damage left behind from this compound, it almost makes you wander if it was worth using this product or wasting time to  apply it. On lighter colours ofcourse, it is barely visible. Only in various light forms,like sunlight does it ever really show. This is obviously what  you get from coffee car washes or that of fast detailers. What we have here is more swirl marks instead of a nice, smooth gloss finish. At the  end of the day, you have just paid to damage your vehicle. This is what I see always getting around. It all goes back to what is always said and  is very much a true statement. What you pay for is what you get !! Take time to think about this next time you open your wallet to throw away 80 dollars as well as the  condition of your paintwork, because to restore a vehicle damaged with swirl marks costs allot more than just 80 dollars. Especially if it’s black.  We use Autoglym as one of our products for one reason. Because Autoglym just works. While you are here, check out the ceramic coatings for cars in Sydney and our review on ceramic coatings

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