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Black Mustang Paint Correction And Paint Protection Treatment

The Black Car Paint Specialist Strikes Again


What Is The Best Car Paint ProtectionAs professional car detailers in Sydney, we get many cars that are often scratched or swirled up and in cases like this, you really need to be a Pro when it comes to restoring damaged car paintwork with paint correction from severe scratches or swirl marks, and to do all this while leaving no holograms at all.

This Mustang was in a similar situation. The client in this case was concerned more so about the odd blemish or paint chip while being completely oblivious to what the real problem on the car was, The scratches and swirl marks more so than anything. This treatment was basically a minor stage 3 which borders on paint jobs that have severe damage or or are close to a respray.

This car didn’t need a respray but could sure do with a decent…..” Buff and polish ” …as many would put it or a cut and polish. This is by no means just a cut and polish. This car took three full passes.

From the correction, to the high grade polish and to the paint protection seal, this Mustang cam up like a black glass mirror. You may want to take a look at some other paint car buffing page,as well.  You can learn more about our paint correction treatments here and again


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