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The Ol AMG Cut N Polish

We often get requests for a cut n polish on many cars but a cut n polish by our standards is like… ” how long is a piece of string? ”
This is a term that was used in common detailing talk back in the twentieth century. Surprisingly it is still used even today but the correct term for a cut and polish today by many car detailers is known as paint correction.

It also comes as no surprise that most people who still use this term today also think that cars that have seen coffee car washes or car washes will just easily….” buff up “… from all the damage that is inflicted by these car washes. 30 years ago, coffee car washes didn’t exist, and [...]

Cleaning Dirty Wheels

Cleaning Dirty WheelsWhen it comes to cleaning very dirty wheels or wheels that have not seen a wash in a very long time. Brake dust stains, dried-up brake fluid on wheels and overpainted brake callipers can look really unsightly and ugly, to say the least. When you have a nice shine on your paintwork and dirty wheels, that is not saying much about your tastes in maintaining your vehicle or the effort you put into keeping a clean shiny car. You may also like to believe in the instant spray on hose-off garbage that is often sold on the open market.

Instant Spray On Hose Off Cleaners

Everyone has undoubtedly heard of spray on hose off cleaners that are supposed to magically rid all the brake dust and road grime away from [...]

Stage 1 Paint Correction

Understanding Your Combinations

SS Commodore Paint CorrectionWhen it comes to looking at paintwork that is covered in scratches and swirl marks, you first must have some understanding of how those scratches and swirl marks got there. Most cars driven every day are usually car wash damaged. Scratches of this nature are usually deep as car washes at most times use broom heads or brushes for washing cars.

The car pictured here which was an SS that was purchased from SA was one such car. This car had loads of scratches all over its Duco. Deep ununiformed scratches usually suggest washing patterns from different attendants or scratches inflicted by brooms with really coarse bristles

One has to be able to look at a vehicle like this and be able to understand immediately what combination would be effective [...]

Toughseal QFX Carbon Ceramic
Coating Review
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Looking for a Toughseal QFX Ceramic coatings review ? Well, this isn’t quite a Toughseal QFX ceramic coatings review but read on and I am sure you will believe every word that is to be said about why we use Toughseal QFX ceramic coatings. We stand 1000 percent by this ceramic coating for cars as we have been using Toughseal products for over a decade with NOT ONE COME BACK, so if you are after a Toughseal ceramic coating review, trust in Dr Buff. We do not back products lightly.

Got Toughseal QFX Ceramic coatings on your mind ? Dr Buff has been at the forefront in paint correction and car paint protection for well over 20 years now as a business. In fact, I have been meddling with shining paint form as far [...]

Ceramic Coating Treatment On AMG 507


Ceramic Coatings AMG 507Every now and then when it comes to ceramic coatings, we get the occasional German supercar car come our way that we know is just going to look the part once we are done with it.

From general Sydney car detailing, to paint restoration and all the way to ceramic coatings for cars, we are the  car detailing Campbelltrown professionals. We have been known to be the Paint correction Sydney Pros with restoring and protecting auto paint. we know our treatments will produce the best possible result when carried out with skilled techniques at hand.

Here we have an AMG 507 Edition Mercedes that came to us for a swirl removal and ceramic coating for this AMG. We knew being a ceramic paint [...]

Ceramic Coatings BMW Z4


BMW Ceramic Coating Left Side.Been looking at getting a ceramic coating on your BMW Z4 ? Have you been told it is some sort of bulletproof cure to all your paint woes and concerns or it will somehow magically transform your car into a glass mirror and hide all those swirl marks and scratches? Well, believe it or not, it’s not painted protection of any kind that is what transforms your car from the mediocre sub-par paint job that it is to a glass mirror finish.

There is nothing more powerful than knowledge in anything you do in life and that includes understanding paint repair my mastering paint correction. Real professional car detailers understand paint correction and how it works, not applying ceramic coatings. Paint protection applications are [...]

Lexus Boot Car Wash DamageWhen it comes to paint correction, seven out of ten cars we get are car wash damaged and seven out of ten are always usually black. As Professional car detailers,we have always advocated that to protect car paint, it is best that you wash your car yourself or at least keep your vehicle right away from car washes. In many cases, severe car wash damage is not always repairable if damage has penetrated deep into the paintwork.

Car detailing never fixes these types of paintwork damage and always requires paint correction to help restore car wash damaged surfaces. We also strictly teach this in our paint correction training with new detailers. In most cases, serious buffing machines are required together with serious cutting pads or polishing pads and hard [...]

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