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Ceramic Coating Treatment On AMG 507


Ceramic Coatings AMG 507Every now and then when it comes to ceramic coatings, we get the occasional German supercar car come our way that we know is just going to look the part once we are done with it.

From general Sydney car detailing, to paint restoration and all the way to ceramic coatings for cars, we are the  car detailing Campbelltrown professionals. We have been known to be the Paint correction Sydney Pros with restoring and protecting auto paint. we know our treatments will produce the best possible result when carried out with skilled techniques at hand.

Here we have an AMG 507 Edition Mercedes that came to us for a swirl removal and ceramic coating for this AMG. We knew being a ceramic paint job [...]

Ceramic Coatings BMW Z4


BMW Ceramic Coating Left Side.Been looking at getting a ceramic coating on your BMW Z4 ? Have you been told it is some sort of bulletproof cure to all your paint woes and concerns or it will somehow magically transform your car into a glass mirror and hide all those swirl marks and scratches? Well, believe it or not, it’s not painted protection of any kind that is what transforms your car from the mediocre sub-par paint job that it is to a glass mirror finish.

There is nothing more powerful than knowledge in anything you do in life and that includes understanding paint repair my mastering paint correction. Real professional car detailers understand paint correction and how it works, not applying ceramic coatings. Paint protection applications are [...]

Lexus Boot Car Wash DamageWhen it comes to paint correction, seven out of ten cars we get are car wash damaged and seven out of ten are always usually black. As Professional car detailers,we have always advocated that to protect car paint, it is best that you wash your car yourself or at least keep your vehicle right away from car washes. In many cases, severe car wash damage is not always repairable if damage has penetrated deep into the paintwork.

Car detailing never fixes these types of paintwork damage and always requires paint correction to help restore car wash damaged surfaces. We also strictly teach this in our paint correction training with new detailers. In most cases, serious buffing machines are required together with serious cutting pads or polishing pads and hard [...]

Best Paint Protection For New Mazdas

Have you just purchased a brand new Mazda and are looking for car paint protection applicators. Well, the best thing you did was give the car dealership paint protection program a miss and look for an independent paint protection specialists and the only guys that ever provide professional paint protection applications are usually professional detailers who have also received training in paint correction and are highly versed with understanding restoring paint..

The Mazda pictured here was given a  very strong polish to bring out the metallic flake out of the paint. All we needed to do was help it pop that little bit more by high glass polishing with a decent pad and using Mothers polish to enhance the shine. Immediately after this, we applied for Tuffseal car paint protection



Best Paint Correction On 98 Model XR 6

We get many Fords and Holdens among other brands when it comes to paint correction or car detailing but this is the first heavily swirled up 98 model XR 6 we have to sever seen. This car was only recently purchased by this gentleman and he has decided to spend some money restoring its appearance back to factory and boy did we get way past factory.

This old girl was treated with Meguiars 105, polished with Autoglym and finished off with Meguiars synthetic sealer for some added car paint protection. Covered in typical holograms from poor buffing techniques which have resulted in far too many holograms, we decided to bring this old girl back and bring her back we did. Check the video below. Professional car detailing at its best. If you are reading this post and are looking to be trained in paint correction, hit us [...]

How Paint Correction Can Make A Huge Difference To Black

If you happen to own a black car and it is absolutely covered in swirl marks or scratches, paint correction is what you will need to restore that perfect Duco finish from all those imperfections. In most cases, only professional car detailers can help with this.

This here black XR8 was covered in scratches and swirl marks from average maintenance and we restored it to a mirror finish.

When it comes to car detailing, there is a fine line between what can be restored with detailing when in fact you really need paint correction followed by car paint protection paint sealers




What Is Stage 1 Paint Correction


Stage 1 Paint CorrectionDo you think you need a stage one paint correction treatment? Do you own a car that is covered in swirl marks, holograms, or just basically very light paint imperfection that you would otherwise believe that a simple cut and polish would restore?

We’ll, it’s not always the case when it comes to paint correction and it’s very rarely actually that a simple buff and polish from your local car detailer is ever going to fix a car that is riddled with swirl marks or holograms.

Most car paint jobs that have faded scratched or swirled up spray paint usually require anything from a stage one paint correction to as high as a stage three paint correction restoration service.


So What Is [...]

The Black Car Paint Specialist Strikes Again


What Is The Best Car Paint ProtectionAs professional car detailers in Sydney, we get many cars that are often scratched or swirled up and in cases like this, you really need to be a Pro when it comes to restoring damaged car paintwork with paint correction from severe scratches or swirl marks, and to do all this while leaving no holograms at all.

This Mustang was in a similar situation. The client in this case was concerned more so about the odd blemish or paint chip while being completely oblivious to what the real problem on the car was, The scratches and swirl marks more so than anything. This treatment was basically a minor stage 3 which borders on paint jobs that have severe damage [...]

So Which Is The Best Paint Protection For Your Car ?


Got Questions On Car Paint Protection Or Need Assistance ? Call Us On 0418118998 For More Info



Paint protectionWelcome to what is probably going to be the most important post on this whole website when it comes to protecting car paint and understanding how to choose the right paint protection for your ride the first time,whether it is a new car, or a used car..

The question we get asked most often…” What is the best car paint protection for your car “….” HAS “… to be one of the most commonly asked questions that we get nearly every today.

What product do I use ? do I buy ceramic, do I buy acryloplexins, or do I [...]

Paint Correction MercedesLooking for Mercedes paint protection ? This guys is actually my own ride when I first purchased it. Its had a hit of stage 2 paint correction and a passing of Megs synthetic sealer. My favorite stuff when it comes to sealers one step down from the hard stuff. Being that I like to give my own car a fresh buff and polish roughly every two years, applying a ceramic coating was not in my interest to do so.

Many customers never quite understand when or why they need paint protection for a new car. It all has to do with how the vehicle is used. When it came to my own ride, I knew that the vehicle had been subjected to car washes and all that damage from car washes [...]

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