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Paint Correction On Commodore


Along our travels as professional car detailers and carrying out paint correction on some rather heavily damaged cars, we sometimes decide to do a write up on some of the cars that are entrusted to us for paint restoration. Restoring cars with paint correction and seeing just what is possible is a sight to behold once a car has been restored from weathered, scratched, faded or just downright stuffed up paint. So we decide to do some write-ups on some of these cars so you can see just how good cars can look when treated by a paint correction professional Although this page is new it will slowly fill out with more and more cars on car detailing jobs, so please drop by and a have a look at [...]

Black Car Detailing Specialists

Black Car Detailing ExpertsDo you own a black car ? Do you find it hard to keep a black car clean and free of swirl marks and scratches ? Do you keep having car detailers tell you black is the hardest colour to restore and that paint correction can be difficult with black ? Well, let me just add, you will not hear this from professional car detailers. If you are looking for car detailing Campbelltown you are in the right place

Do car detailers keep telling you that it is also expensive To Restore Black Paint ?

Well, surprise shock about black. Black is ” NOT ” the hardest colour to restore and it’s not the hardest colour to fix with paint correction. [...]

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