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BMW X5 Paint Restoration And Interior Detail

BMW Car Paint Restoration And Interior Treatment

BMW X5 Car DetailWhen it comes to paint correction, I get a lot of requests for fixing damaged car paint. From simple car buffing to ceramic coatings for new cars, we see a lot of jobs gone wrong. It is why everyone calls our car detailing services for help.

Many of the cars we get are usually in shambles and in need of some level of paint correction in order to restore damaged paint surfaces. This BMW X5, I have to say even though the pictures do not do the pre-detail images any justice, this car looked like it has been living in the desert for the last five years. There almost wasn’t an edge or plastic trim in the interior that was not covered in dirt.

The initial treatment was to blast down the entire car to break off as much loose grime off the surfaces. Using Autoglym fallout, the entire vehicle was sprayed and left to soak for a couple of minutes. Immediately after this, we hit the vehicle with the blaster and watched the majority of all the grime rinse right off. Quick chamois dry and into the workshop, it went for the clean up.

The exterior was treated with Scholl paint correction products. Although this car was only in for a quality car detail, we only applied a single pass over the exterior car paint which is why we used Scholl. The result was quite astounding as Scholl removed a lot of surface damage and left nothing but depth of colour with a fantastic gloss factor. Buffing out scratches and swirl marks from the immediate top surface was not an issue at all with Scholl products. Using the venerable Makita buffer with a combiantion two in one pass treatmenyt worked wonders on this BMW X5.

The interior also neede a good quality clean but nothing too extravagent. Basdsically a srong vac, bfreakdown of all dirt around trims, moulds and vents and then a good wipe down. It is incredible what a simple enough clean will do an interior of a car. All that was used here was compressed air, hot water and a couple of rags and chamois and the result achieve was aboslutley incredible. The customee was completely besidce himself.

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