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Paint CorrectionLooking for professional car detailing in Campbelltown ? We have been in the Campbelltown MacArthur districts for nearly twenty years  now and we do not have one negative review about our services. In that twenty years we have detailed plenty of cars from classics to prestige,  performance cars and general driven vehicles. We truly are  ” THE ” professional detailers in Campbelltown. From removing swirl marks, scratches with paint correction, paint imperfections and all the way to paint protection for a new car, we do it all.

We may not be mobile car detailers or the cheapest car detailers but we certainly provide the results that make you say, ” WOW what a difference. If you  have a used car or even a new car, professional car detailing can really make  you see how your car can really look. So if your car is looking shabby or under the weather, trust us to give it the lift you are looking for. Give us a call, you have  nothing to lose. New car or used car, we make cars look like glass mirrors.

Paint Correction Sydney Campbelltown

as stated on our home page really is the ticket to transforming cars from scratches and swirl marks into the closest thing to a showpiece  Especially black cars. Paint correction as stated on our home page really is the ticket to transforming  cars from scratches and swirl marks into the closest thing to a showpiece. Especially black cars.  We are also a black car specialist in paint correction. If you have a car that really needs attention, more than likely, car detailing is not going to   provide the results you are looking for in terms of actual damage removal. Paint correction involves techniques that take years to master when it comes to paint refinishing. If you have alot of scratches, swirl marks, stains, water etchings or if  you have a vehicle that has been subjected to repeated car wash use from coffee  car washes, your car could be in some form of trouble.

Car washes are extremely caustic on paint work and that includes all types ofcar  washes. Very many of them use the same type of dangerous chemicals on your  paint and over time, these chemicals erode away your paint. In most cases,  paintwork is restorable but in other cases, it isn’t or it takes severe methods in  paint correction to restore paint to the best possible level. Car Detailing under  these circumstances just doesn’t work

PROFESSIONAL Car Detailing Campbelltown

Paint Protection For New Or Used Cars


Car paint protection today is available in many forms and different types of chemical bases. We have used one brand of paint protection and  this paint protection is readily available for new or used cars. We are often asked if paint protection is necessary on vehicles and this also and  in most circumstances comes down to the individual, their use of the car, their interest in the car, whether the vehicle in question is a toy, a  collectable, where the car is parked of a day or night or an everyday vehicle. These questions play a role in determining whether or not you  need protection over your paint. If you are a driver that has no time for your car and all you want to do is wash it and forget it, then paint  protection for your new or used car is the answer to car care free hassle results.

Dr BuffU  ses Toughseal paint protection for new or used cars and combined together with paint correction and car detailing, the results just leave you speechless. Paint protection is designed to protect your car against natural elements. Fall out, contaminants, general  everyday paint protection against nature. If you have just purchased a new car, now is the time to apply paint protection to your new vehicle. If  you have purchased a used vehicle, it is best to  inspect your car for surface wear and determine the best course of action before applying paint protection for your new or used car.     , Dr Buff  can help you in all these areas of vehicle care and maintenance. We really are the Campbelltown car detailing, paint correction and paint protection professionals for your new or used car. Give us a call today  0418 118 998

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