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Car Detailing Training For New Business

We get many enquiries from existing car detailing businesses and new start up businesses from every day business owners who are seeking to improve upon their business.

This may be genera car detailing training for the new guy looking to venture into their own dreams and pursuits, or the existing car detailing business who is looking for car car paint correction training.

We have been in the car detailing services since about 2000 but I have personally been detailing cars from the day I could start driving and from there developed a passion to become a serious car detailer and the best I could be.

Over the years this has transpired into a wealth of knowledge that I now have requests for car detailing training from all over Australia. Car detailing and building the experience to know what you are doing takes time. There are plenty of you tube videos showing a myriad of methods of detailing techniques. There is that much out there it is down right confusing. Here at Dr Buff, I taker the cinfusinon away so when you leave after your training, you are clear with you are doiung and the techniques you have been taught. No confusion, no uncertainties.

Interior Detailing Training

You learn what works and that is ll you need to know. No more second guessing or taking pot shots at customer cars. The quick video here on this Aurion was an all round car detailing and general paint correction training program for Vito who is looking to start a business in the general car detailing industry. A former Construction worker who had decided to pursue his own dreams by following his passion into car detailing and paint correction.

Congrats to you Vito and all the best on your new venture. Vito initially started his training for the first two days with his general detailing training which covers exteriors all the way to ceramic coating paint protection applications. However, due to unforeseen weather conditions we had to cut half the day off because of bad weather conditions and continue the following day. Big plus form Vito cause he got an extra day up his sleeve for further correction training. Everyone thinks this is an easy process when it comes to detailing training from covering the exteriors to the interiors of the vehicle. Be warned guys. You are paying to learn and when you training with Dr Buff you will carry out all the hard yards of your education while carrying out your detailing training.

When you are done, you will understand the job and why you carried out the entire exercise pf detailing a whole vehicle with a Professional watching over you. Car detailing with all the little tricks required to achieve the perfect finish is an art form. Here at Dr Buff, we ensure you leave knowing what you are doing regardless of what level you wish to pusrue your dreams at.

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