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Sydney Car Detailing Certification Course


Learn to do car detailing and a paint correction course through a Meguiars certified car detailer here in Sydney. The best car detailing workshop in Sydney that will teach you everything you need to know about car detailing, paint correction and car paint protection applications


Car Detailing Certification TrainingWant to learn how to become a certified auto detailer through the right car detailing course ? Would you like to be trained by a Meguiars certified car detailing professional ? This is not a car wash training course or your average two or three hour workshop lessons. There are many people out there looking for an online car detailing course or even the best car detailing school but you can’t beat one on one workshop training. If you want to know how to become a professional car detailer, dedicated training is king and the right car detailing course can give you this.

This is a one on one auto detailing workshop where you learn auto detailing the right way the first time. So if you’ve been wanting to learn how to become a certified auto detailer, then now is your chance. We often get enquiries regarding car detailing courses here in Sydney and Dr Buff has opened the doors to teaching would be detailers the right way to detail cars for a limited time .

If you’ve been looking to start a car detailing business and are unsure on how to detail cars using buffers whether it be car detailing or paint correction, you now have the opportunity to be schooled by one of the best in the industry. These are one on one courses where you are shown from the beginning of the procedures of car detailing right through to the end involving the trade secrets of paint correction and general exterior detailing techniques using pads and different types of buffers with compounds in mastering paint correction using Meguiars car detailing products effectively.

This is information and training that you can take straight to your business right after your course. Information which will show you how you too can be a professional in car detailing and paint correction. If you have been looking to be trained by professionals then feel safe in the regard that you are being trained by Meguiars certified detailers as Dr Buff.

The real art in detailing and making cars look like glass mirrors really is in paint correction. Here you will be shown the methods that are required to make cars look like glass mirrors such as the roof line on the car pictured on the right. These are methods that customers pay good money for and once you have this knowledge in your hands,

you can take this to your business and provide the best possible results to your customers the same as Dr Buff has been doing for so many years.

It makes no difference what colour car you are working on, the methods apply evenly all across the board. The very same methods that you are taught on white will apply on blacks. So if you have a fear of working on black cars, then fear no more because you are in good hands with Dr Buff. The very same methods used on this black Mercedes to the right would apply to a red car and would achieve the same results given that paint conditions are identical and of the same base. Black blue or red, Dr Buff will teach you what you need to know to be a professional detailer in paint correction. Call today and book your course on 0418 118 998.

Please note Regarding Payment : Payment can be accepted by either cash, Bank  Cheque, Credit Card or EFT. No Company Cheques. To be paid before  commenecement. With EFT, FUNDS MUST BE CLEAR IN  OUR ACCOUNT BEFORE COMMENCENT.  Credit
Cardds will attract 2.3% Fee

Please Note:

To be trained in paint correction, you must produce a business license and drivers license as proof from other state

Advanced Paint Correction Training
Advanced procedures in paint correction training using various buffers, pads and Dr Buff  compounds and combinations. Understanding Paint correction using various correction methods. Learn the Dr Buff Techniques in how to glass any colour paint. Never be afraid of  black cars again…….Now Open for limited time to all states except NSW

General Car Detailing Course Training
Full car detailing course including thorough interior detailing techniques using professional  cleaning methods plus full exterior machine buffing using quality Dr Buff products. For general car detailing purposes and maintaining customer cars. Information to take straight to  your detailing business…….Now Open for limited time to all states including NSW

To All Applicants Please Note: The car detailing courses listed here are not 300 dollars, they are not 500 dollars, they are not 700 dollars they are considerably more. There are reasons for this so that only true wanna be Pros apply. The training provided here is not a three hour workshop where you are taught to apply a pad to a polisher and then start buffing. These are in depth paint correction training courses designed to turn you into a Pro within a day where you learn why everything works the way it does and why I get the results that I do with my own cars. If you are looking to learn so you can do this as a job at the local car wash,the best that I can recommend is the general detailing course. If you are looking for a future as a Pro  level
detailer, then advanced paint correction is for you. I only train people with passion and keenness to learn a very rare art form and who are looking for a future in paint correction and can provide professional results to customers with the backing of the Dr Buff name. If you can’t do this, I can’t help you, If you are keen and willing to learn how to be a pro in paint correction so that you can turn any colour whether blue or black into glass, then pick
up the phone and call me.

  Training Testimonials

Hi Peter,

First of all i would like to thank you a lot for the day, it was a great experiment worth every cent. You helped me to the best of your ability with passion,honesty and humbleness ,i was truly impressed by your skills and by your teaching techniques ; hat off champ! you are a pro.
The icing on the cake was your great hospitality with your wife, that is something i look up to big time coming from middle eastern area like you ,i feel like its something common with  the Mediterranean  countries; generosity and hospitality.

Thank you again and thank your wife for me and also  yiayia .


Hi Pete,

One of the best investments I’ve ever purchased is the one day course that Peter (Dr Buff) instructs on paint correction. I was hoping it would be worth my time and money as I travelled from Perth to attend the full day’s course and I am pleased to say it far  exceeded my expectations. It was a full day and was well balanced between theory, examples and practice with some = on-the-spot tests which made you think quick  and become more comfortable with implementing what I had just learnt. All in all, I learnt some new skills and I am now totally confident to apply them to my car and others. Peter made me feel like part of the  family for the day and I have made a new friend and a valuable contact.                    Thanks Peter.
PS The wait for my Flex gear is killing me.

Paint Correction Training. Ken here came to me in need of looking to increase his service levels in paint correction training as he already had a business to run and was also competing against another competitor in his home town. I must say that although he was a good detailer he wanted to sharpen up his correction methods and by the end of the day, he was tested in his ability to correct paint to a glass finish and I must say he passed his correction training with flying colours. Congrats Ken and best of luck in the future and your new found knowledge

Hi Peter

Thanks for my training in August for the Dr Buff Advanced paint correction training. Having been in the detailing industry for about 30 years, working all over Australia for most car makes common in Australia and having recently opened my own business, I realised that buffing paint had changed since the 80’s and some training to sharpen up my buffing skills was needed.

I had been looking for this training for some time and was prepared to travel to England but then I found Dr Buff’s training course and he had the answers I was looking for. The course is hands on and I found that my confidence and skill had been boosted greatly from Pete’s training methods. Peter’s passion for training is sincere and refreshing. I am now getting great results with the Flex and rotary buffs. My customers are amazed at the results.

Thanks Pete for a really great day and some really good chocolate cake after my training.

Thanks again Peter

Correction Training for Johnny boy

John here came from Newcastle to be trained in paint correction. For privacy purposes we can’t disclose his business but from what John took away in knowledge, it will be the change of his business and make the huge difference to his bottom line that he has been yearning for so long.

The products John was using were ok but john was using them incorrectly. We quickly pounced on the issues with John’s paint restoration complications and after some intensive training in practice and theory about removing swirl marks and scratches from paint work, Johnny saw the light in how correcting car paint work and that also how restoring paintwork through correction, is not the same thing as car detailing specialists.  It is here where years of guess work and trial and error are eliminated through proper schooling in correction and training so if you are looking at detailing courses with a difference, give us a call

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