Fleet car detailingLooking for car fleet detailing services? Dr. Buff  Sydney mobile fleet car wash solutions are proud to now offer our expert car detailing services in Sydney to car fleet companies. From standard mobile car detailing services to stage 1 paint correction treatment and to paint protection for cars, we provide it all. Not your average cut and polish detailers

Dr Buff will offer only expert Sydney mobile car detailing services as now part of our professional car detailing services

From a simple buff and polish, to paint correction to an interior detail, as professional car detailers in Sydney, we cover it all. We are in the business of offering professional end services when it comes to our detailing.

Whether you are a car hire company, luxury car services or just a personal car hire service, we provide the necessary mobile detailing fleet services that will deliver the results that you need for your fleet and keep your cars a shiny week in week out

The Dr Buff brand is recognised amongst car enthusiasts of all car brands and highly respected as a professional delivery of car detailing excellence that leaves cars looking like mirrors.

Do you own a fleet of cars that you would like maintained weekly and would like only professional car fleet detailing services to carry out these requirements? Look no further. We can help

We can book you in for the week and come out to your business and attend to any vehicles requiring attention. If it needs a buff, we’ll buff it. If it needs an interior detail, we’ll detail the interior. There is nothing when it comes to fleet car detailing services that we can’t cater to.

We’ll keep your cars looking like mirrors seven days a week. From a dirty car covered in road grime to a car covered in scratches or holograms, we can fix it all.

Let us help you like we have helped thousands of luxury and general car owners and business and routinely service a shiny attractive fleet at all times for your company. We cater as best we can to accommodate our clients needs when it comes to keeping a fleet of cars looking like rolling mirrors.

Our Fleet Car detailing services are provided up to seven days a week if really needed. We understand, that many businesses can not stop and therefore cater to this requirement all year round

Call Dr Buff today on 0418118998 and we’ll get back to you ASAP on booking your car fleet detailing service when you need us.




Mobile Car Detailing

Fleet Detailing Services Offered


Mini Detail

This detailing basically is a blast wash of the exterior of the car including wheels and quick interior detailing with vacuum, dusting down of all dash, console and door trims plus vents and edges as well as windows. Very quick and cost-effective detail for cars that are basically new and in good order


Interior Detailing

Interior detailing is reserved for fleet cars that require cleaning of all cloth or fabric surfaces such as steam cleaning and vinyl surfaces such as door trims, dash, console and other interior trims. Leaves interiors looking clean. Reserved for new cars. Price is for four to five seaters