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Car Paint DecontaminationNeed a car decontamination specialist ? We provide vehicle paint decontamination services that we can help you with, but just in case you are interested in finding out a bit more about paint contamination and doing it yourself, read on. You may just find this interesting.

When it comes to car detailing, paint correction or applying ceramic coatings for cars, there is always one element of car paint restoration that must ” ALWAYS ” be taken into account and that is car paint decontamination of all painted surfaces that are going to receive a buff and polish or paint correction of any kind.

Car paint decontamination is always the first check carried out on any painted surfaces before anything else.

All painted surfaces must be free from any kind of contaminants that would otherwise inhibit any kind of car paint restoration for a vehicle’s paint. So, having mentioned the obvious, let’s start with what paint contamination actually is.


So What Is Car Paint Contamination?



Car paint contamination can range from a spectrum of contaminants. They are all usually fallout related or atmospheric. Common pollutants ranging from exhaust emissions, factory emissions, and heavy machinery are known to be chemical fallout. Natural fallout is otherwise known as animal matter or tree matter.

Animals obviously range from flying species from birds to bats that tend to drop their loads on your vehicle. This type of natural pollutant is actually far more dangerous and should be removed immediately. Tree sap is actually dangerous if left for prolonged periods of time on painted surfaces. This can often be removed easily if tackled early and before causing any etching marks within paint

Over time this fallout sitting on your paint really sticks to your car paint and it sticks hard. This fallout, whether natural fallout or artificial must be removed before any car buffing or paint correction treatments. Natural matter like tree sap or animal matter must be removed immediately and not so much because the vehicle looks dirty, but more so that it will cause accelerated damage if left unattended to


How Do You Identify Paint Contamination ?



Car Decontamination ServiceThe best way to recognise car paint contamination is by a natural feel with your hands. It is very easy. Wash the vehicle with soapy water and while washing the vehicle with soapy water run the back of your hands over all your painted surfaces.

You should find that if there is paint contamination, there will be a rough sensation or texture to the touch like sandpaper. If this is the case, you have paint contamination and it must be removed before any car buffing of any kind.


What Types Of Vehicle Paint Contaminants Are There ?


Some Fallout Examples Are :

  1. Exhaust Emissions
  2. Road Tar
  3. Road Dirt Wash Off That Over Time Sticks To Surfaces
  4. Industrial Fall Out From Factories
  5. Overspray From Either Vehicles or Property
  6. Bird Droppings
  7. Bat Droppings
  8. General Residue From Worksites Eg, Cement spray powder, epoxy resin chemicals
  9. Iron Filings Or Particles From Railways
  10. Tree Sap


What Does A Heavy Contaminated Paint Surface Sound Like ?
” Check Out Our You Tube Video Below For A Perfect Example Of Contaminated Paint “




How Do You Remove Paint Contamination ?


Ok, so we have identified that we now have contaminated paint surfaces. The feel of the touch is rough, it has not washed off during the wash process and we now know that we definitely have contaminated paint that must now be removed. We can not commence any type of car buffing with contaminated paint. This contamination now must be removed. There are two ways to do this.

You can either try and call a car paint decontamination service near you or your local area that is very familiar with contamination removal and leave the car paint contamination specialist do it or, you can attend to it yourself by way of various steps that must be followed before removing any contaminants.


Blasting Of All Surfaces So Large Debris Dirt Is Removed
Without Further Scratching Paint


As part of our car detailing training and ceramic coating training that we provide, blasting all vehicle surfaces for the purpose of removing large heavy dirt is the second part of our paint correction training. Blasting is important as it helps break loose and large dirt particles that are stuck tp all your surfaces. This will help alleviate any risk of any potential scratching of painted surfaces


Soap Down Of All Vehicle


The next pass is to soap the vehicle down completely. You must also remember that contaminants do just target your paint. It targets the entire vehicle. That is paint or non-painted surfaces. This means headlights, tail lights, bumper bars, all glass except the windshield and so on. It is just that with paint, it attracts more and must be removed before buffing.

After the blast down, all that is required that you do is soap the vehicle down and rinse off. Once the vehicle is soaped down and all surface dirt removed, it is now that you remove any paint contamination


Clay Bars For Contaminant Removal.


Clay Cloth DecontaminationClay Bars are what is used for removing contamination from painted surfaces. There are different Grades of Clay bars. There are also clay cloths. For light contaminants, you have what is light clay bars and you move up as the contaminants are more heavier or solid.

Once the wash-down procedure is done, the most cost-effective way to remove contaminants from car paint is to throw soapy water that is still in your bucket from the wash procedure. This will be used as a lubricant.

Clay bars must have a lubricated surface so that they slide effortlessly over paint. If the surface is not wet enough, the clay bar will stick and stain paintwork, and nobody needs that.

Ensure there is plenty of soapy water on the surface and run the clay bar back and forth in smooth-paced passes until you can feel the surface is smooth and no longer rough to the touch.

Once this has occurred, move on to the next section. It is s tedious process but one worthwhile. Do not be surprised if your paint looks shinier once heavy contaminants are removed. Only after all contaminants are removed can buff polish any paint

It would be my own advice that if you have removed any contaminants and you have a clean surface, my best advice would be to follow through with a nice strong buff polish and either complete with a coat of wax, or synthetic sealer or go straight for a ceramic coating of your choice. If you like we also provide ceramic coatings for cars and we also apply Toughseal QFX Ceramic coatings. While you are here, you may also want to check out our Tougseal QFX Ceramic Coating Review


If you have any other questions or need a car paint decontamination specialist, please do not
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