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The popularity of ceramic coatings just continues to grow year in and year out, and why not? It has practically removed the need for polishing and waxing every few months. If you enjoy polishing your car that is different but if you don’t, well, you may want to buy a ceramic coating treatment for your 4X4.

Naturally, most 4×4 vehicles normally need some form of cut and buff polishing to remove light scratches or paint correction for removing deeper scratches from paintwork. When it is new 4×4 like the one here, all that is really needed is what I like to call a prep clean and I don’t mean just a wash down or wipe down. What I am talking about is a strong polish by machine polishing using high quality polishes and pads [...]

When it comes to car detailing, many people are always on the lookout for the cheapest option available. After all, why pay more when you can get the same service for less, right? However, the truth is that cheap detailing can end up costing you thousands of dollars in the long run.

The reason for this is simple – cut-rate detailing services often use low-quality products and inexperienced technicians, which can lead to damage to your car’s paint job, upholstery, and overall appearance. Not only will this cost you more money down the line to fix, but it can also decrease the resale value of your vehicle. In this article, we’ll explore the dangers of cheap detailing and why it’s worth investing in a quality, professional detailing service for your car. So, buckle up and get ready to learn why saving money today can cost you big bucks tomorrow.

The Risks of Cheap Detailing



Applying A Ceramic Coating On A New Volkswagen R-Line T-Cross


I have applied hundreds of car ceramic coatings for cars up to now and the one comment I get all the time from new car customers is that they can believe that their new car looks better after the entire vehicle has been treated as opposed to what it looked like when they bought it new. Most new car owners do not understand that new vehicles are delivered as new vehicles and that they are not high detailed or treated before the sale. This VW  T-Cross is no exception.

The customer purchased this VW new and we were more than glad to provide a new ceramic coating for this VW. New car paint protection always goes a long way in enhancing and [...]

Ceramic Coatings BMW Z4


BMW Ceramic Coating Left Side.Been looking at getting a ceramic coating on your BMW Z4 ? Have you been told it is some sort of bulletproof cure to all your paint woes and concerns or it will somehow magically transform your car into a glass mirror and hide all those swirl marks and scratches? Well, believe it or not, it’s not painted protection of any kind that is what transforms your car from the mediocre sub-par paint job that it is to a glass mirror finish.

There is nothing more powerful than knowledge in anything you do in life and that includes understanding paint repair my mastering paint correction. Real professional car detailers understand paint correction and how it works, not applying ceramic coatings. Paint protection applications are [...]

Paint Correction MercedesLooking for Mercedes paint protection ? This guys is actually my own ride when I first purchased it. Its had a hit of stage 2 paint correction and a passing of Megs synthetic sealer. My favorite stuff when it comes to sealers one step down from the hard stuff. Being that I like to give my own car a fresh buff and polish roughly every two years, applying a ceramic coating was not in my interest to do so.

Many customers never quite understand when or why they need paint protection for a new car. It all has to do with how the vehicle is used. When it came to my own ride, I knew that the vehicle had been subjected to car washes and all that damage from car washes [...]

Stage 2 Paint Correction Followed By A Synthetic Seal Paint Protection Film Coating


Car Paint protectionNow here is one customer that doesn’t believe the bull when it comes to cheap car paint protection applications or the bull that paint protection will miraculously transform your car.

I have to admit, this is probably one of the finest  XR8’S I have seen in a long time.

Low kays with an exceptional body and not a dent or a scratch in sight.

The car’s overall appearance was impeccable from a gloss point but it did lack depth when it came to colour.

It was a shame the day was really poor with light and we couldn’t capture the true gloss and colour enhancement that was achieved with the treatment in question.

To start, the initial [...]

Porsche Paint Protection

Porsche Paint Protection

Car Paint Protection For Porsche Panamera


Porsche Paint ProtectionWhen it comes to car paint protection, you can’t go past ensuring that your Porsche is in great hands and is protected by the proper car paint protection coatings that professional car detailers can provide.

We have been applying ceramic coating films and acryloplexin coatings like Tuff seal paint protection on European marques for over ten years  with absolutely no come backs. The customer or the owner of this Porsche wanted he car to glow as the end result.

Although there was no real problems with the correction side of the table, the car did lack a little some luster so we hit it with a nice strong polish using Megs 205 finishing polish on a medium strength pad.

This brought the shine up [...]

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