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Ceramic Coating And Interior Treatment On Hyundai Palisade

Hyundai Palasade Ceramic coatingAs a car detailer, I get requests for many new ceramic coatings on new cars all the time and especially with the mum and the 5 children’s SUV but I have to admit, this Palisade in one hefty size SUV, Appears to be larger than an SRT 8 Jeep, just does not pack quite the punch. With no paint correction being required, this was a simple polish, deplomarise and ceramic seal application

Anyway, I always advocate the application of paint protection on a new car all the time. The more you preserve your new car’s appearance, the better the resale value when the time comes to sell the vehicle should you desire to sell it.

This vehicle however I believe is going to be a keeper.

The customer requested purely a clean ceramic coating be applied but also requested that we apply a leather treatment that will help the leather last for years and remain supple while having to support many ” bums ” in the coming years. Most new leather from the dealer is not treated and looks dry and unprotected. Just the same as you purchase paint protection for new paint, some also opt for leather treatments which bring out the best in the leather and scotch guard applications for fabrics or carpets.

The ceramic application we used as usual was Toughseal carbon ceramic coating. This stuff is extremely hard once cured. The results I must say like any properly applied paint protection application were astounding. Combined together with the exterior and interior, this vehicle came up like glass and certainly presents with presence in immaculate condition.


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