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Ceramic Coating BMW Z4

Ceramic Coatings BMW Z4


BMW Ceramic Coating Left Side.Been looking at getting a ceramic coating on your BMW Z4 ? Have you been told it is some sort of bulletproof cure to all your paint woes and concerns or it will somehow magically transform your car into a glass mirror and hide all those swirl marks and scratches? Well, believe it or not, it’s not painted protection of any kind that is what transforms your car from the mediocre sub-par paint job that it is to a glass mirror finish.

There is nothing more powerful than knowledge in anything you do in life and that includes understanding paint repair my mastering paint correction. Real professional car detailers understand paint correction and how it works, not applying ceramic coatings. Paint protection applications are easy but mastering paint correction which delivers depth of colour by removing paint imperfections and improving depth and shine…Then and ONLY then…do you apply your ceramic coating.

Whether it is a ceramic coating for a BMW Z4 or a normal acrylaplexin coating like toughseal paint protection, any Sydney car detailer will know that regardless of what paint protection application you choose, it is ultimately the paint correction that will improve your car shine, not your paint protection. Here at Dr Buff we are a car detailing Campbelltown service that has been providing paint correction Sydney services and car paint protection for over twenty years or pretty much all our lives.



The BMW pictured here and in the video is not ceramic coated BMW but your everyday acrylaplexin coating which is Toughseal Paint Protection. The shine produced is not from the paint protection application itself but from the paint correction which was a stage three paint correction treatment. This car did have some swirl marks and scratches but what was remarkable was at how extremely hard the surfaces of this car was. Ceramic coatings or nanocoatings as they are known are usually hard but this one was exceptionally hard to correct and therefore took the most extreme correction combinations to fix. At the end though, it was all corrected, Toughseal paint protection was applied and the car transformed into a pure masterpiece.


Check Out Our Video Below And Check Out The Results.


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