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Ceramic Coating For 4X4

The popularity of ceramic coatings just continues to grow year in and year out, and why not? It has practically removed the need for polishing and waxing every few months. If you enjoy polishing your car that is different but if you don’t, well, you may want to buy a ceramic coating treatment for your 4X4.

Naturally, most 4×4 vehicles normally need some form of cut and buff polishing to remove light scratches or paint correction for removing deeper scratches from paintwork. When it is new 4×4 like the one here, all that is really needed is what I like to call a prep clean and I don’t mean just a wash down or wipe down. What I am talking about is a strong polish by machine polishing using high quality polishes and pads designed to extract the best possible depth of colour and gloss.

Once the maximum depth is extracted. only then do we apply the ceramic coating application. We have a clean surface for bonding requirements and we lock in the depth and gloss permanently. Like most vehicles, it is only ever usually a two-pass treatment and this was the case for this Isuzu D-Max. The customer was over the moon on pick up like most new car ceramic paint protection customers.

This vehicle was only three weeks old when it was delivered to our ceramic coating Campbelltown workshop. Four-wheel drives that come to us that are used have usually seen some form of duty off road. In most cases, 4WD’S that have been offroad normally have severe branch scratches and other forms of fallout from neighboring trees within bushland. The prep and correction work in many cases exceeds the price of a ceramic coating for a car.

If you happen to buy a 4WD, consider the cost to restore damaged paintwork before you attempt to go offroading. The cost of paint correction for many 4WD’S normally blows past 2K before any paint protection cost.

In this case, this new four wheel drive being new required nothing of the sort and as yiou can see, this is what a quality paint protection treatment looks like when done properly


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