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Ceramic Coating On AMG 507 Edition

Ceramic Coating Treatment On AMG 507


Ceramic Coatings AMG 507Every now and then when it comes to ceramic coatings, we get the occasional German supercar car come our way that we know is just going to look the part once we are done with it.

From general Sydney car detailing, to paint restoration and all the way to ceramic coatings for cars, we are the  car detailing Campbelltrown professionals. We have been known to be the Paint correction Sydney Pros with restoring and protecting auto paint. we know our treatments will produce the best possible result when carried out with skilled techniques at hand.

Here we have an AMG 507 Edition Mercedes that came to us for a swirl removal and ceramic coating for this AMG. We knew being a ceramic paint job that these are not the easiest to correct so we figured a stage 2 paint correction treatment would suffice with the right combination of machine biffer, buffing pads plus compounds and polishes

Stage 2 Paint Correction Treatment

When it comes to choosing the right combination for paint correction, the paint combination we choose has a lot to do with the result of the job, and also saving as much material of painted surfaces as much as possible.

No point in removing excessive material when all that is required is to remove scratches or swirl marks that are only as deep as they are. So after having carefully inspected the paintwork, we came to the conclusion that forced rotation orbital would be the trick with a nice strong pad combined together with an abrasive should do the trick.

These are the things we teach in our professional paint correction training courses with all our trainees so this applies across the board with all paint correction and car detailing professionals in the industry that are trained by Dr Buff. To be able to look at paintwork and understand immediately what a paint job needs to be restored is pure artwork and this clearly shows on our customer’s vehicles. The AMG 507 Edition here was treated with a stage two-three pass combination that brought the best depth and gloss that could be achieved with minimal material removal and the results clearly speak for themselves


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