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What Is A Nano Ceramic Coating Paint Protection For Cars?

Looking for a ceramic coatings Campbelltown specialist? It’s great news that you love your vehicle and would like to protect your car with nano ceramic coating for cars from all the harsh elements that surround it on a daily basis.

Let us explain a little about long lasting paint protection applications to do with your car so that you have some understanding about Hydrophobic car coatings and that you can make an informed decision on which form of nano paint protection coating you will choose, whether it is ceramic paint protection or Teflon based. Dr Buff has been the ceramic coatings Campbelltown expert for years. We know our stuff

Paint protection coatings vary from brand to brand and chemical base and also the condition of your car paint plays a role as well in determining the end result of your money invested. If your car paint needs paint restoration, it is something you should be tackling first.

Car paint protection for cars or bikes  such as ceramic coatings or natural waxes are merely a transparent film usually consisting of various types of polymers, some natural, some man-made for protection of car paint, which is designed to protect car paint from natural and unnatural elements from weather, fall out, and other damaging elements from the surrounding environment.


How are Hydrophobic Nano Ceramic Coatings Applied?


All types of nano ceramic coatings or hydrophobic coatings are applied by machine for a uniform finish. Waxes such as Carnauba waxes or soft synthetic sealers are best applied by machine as this ensures an even thickness and application over auto paint which makes wipe down with less fuss.

Waxes when applied unevenly by hand can be extremely difficult to wipe off when applied unevenly in different thicknesses. Machine application of wax and cream type synthetics is the preferred method by professional car detailers and paint protection specialists. Ceramic coatings are usually applied by experienced and authorised brand applicators. Not sure Dr Buff is the ceramioc coatings Campbelltown specialist, just ask.


Are Hydrophobic Ceramic Coatings Better Than Natural waxes ?


Man-made coatings such as nano ceramic coatings as opposed to natural waxes last longer. Man-made paint protection products like hydrophobic ceramic coatings which are based from Silicon carbides are extremely hard-wearing materials that can repel fall out and other hard-wearing elements that nature can throw at it.It is claimed also that some even protect against scratches or damage caused accidentally but we are yet to see evidence of this. If you are looking for nano ceramic coatings in Sydney, give us a call for some well-deserved guidance on what will best suit your own car and needs.


Do I Need Nano Ceramic UV Protection For Car Paint Over Natural Waxes ?



Ceramic coating for cars CampbelltownYou may or may not need ceramic coating durability over natural waxes but this all depends on the use of your vehicle. If you like to detail your own car and polish it regularly, you don;y need ceramic paint coatings as it would be a waste of money.

If you don’t like maintaining paint and all you want to do is wash it and see a shine every time, then yes you do need some form of paint coating.

There’s wax, nano ceramic coatings, or acryloplexins in general.

Earlier versions like acryloplexins still work OK as well should you decide to go with this. We actually still use this because it works AWESOME when done the right way.

Either way, the man made versions are much harder wearing than organic protection which is natural like Carnauba waxes.


Looking To Buy The Best Car Paint Protection For A Prestige Car or new car ?


With so many variables in protecting auto and motorcycle paint, such as different brands in hydrophobicnano  ceramic coatings or even still, acryloplexins, it’s very easy for one to get confused about what type of paint New car paint protection is key to protecting that new car for people who simply don’t have time to maintain their cars because of daily busy schedules. Investing a substantial amount of money these days in new cars is often somewhat the size of a small mortgage. Just in case you are wandering, car detailing is NOT designed to protect your car paint.


Do I Need Nano Ceramic Coatings For A Used Car ?


There are thousands of used cars out there with very healthy paint. Low mileage cars are an example. Even used cars cost in excess of 50.000 dollars and when you invest in that sort of money, it would be financial suicide not to invest in proper maintenance, care or some form of protection for your Paint. Good paint on a used car can last a very long time when corrected and protected the right way.

The two most expensive elements to a motor vehicle are the engine and your paint. Although this isn’t a mechanical repairs website we still advise not to use inferior products with your drive line as it can cost a fortune to repair.


Carlos Infante
Carlos Infante
Thanks Pete, the car looks amazing with the ceramic coating. You have done an amazing job. It’s great to have someone with passion of his work that you can entrust your brand new car with.
Arvin Wiyono
Arvin Wiyono
Call Peter for any new car ceramic coating you may need. Purchased a new vehicle and the car dealers were overcharging by nearly 1000 dollars. After speaking to Peter, I felt confident in getting what I was paying for and the results most CERTAINLY spoke for themselves.
Rita Aquilina
Rita Aquilina
By far the best car detailer in Sydney I have come across to date. Has done 4 of my cars now and definitely does not disappoint. Thanks for everything Pete
Ruby Lindsey
Ruby Lindsey
Had scratches and swirl marks inflicted on my car by a bad car wash and being a black beamer did not help. After restoring damaged paint from the car wash, the car was that shiny I could not help but apply a ceramic coating just to protect the new shine. Talk to Peter from Dr Buff. You will not be disappointed.
Melanie Osborne
Melanie Osborne
Absolutely mind-blowing shine on my new Merc with ceramic coating. Makes the new Mercs at the dealers look average. If you need paint protection for a new car, Pete is the man for paint protection. Easy to talk to and delivers over and above results. Highly recommended
Wendy Adam
Wendy Adam
Fantastic experience with Peter. Paint protection for my new car. I thought it looked great when I picked it up from the dealership the week before but after a day with Peter it looked amazing!!!!! Highly recommend his services.
Bhairav Car coating centre (Grooming centre)
Bhairav Car coating centre (Grooming centre)
Nice product I used in 99-2000 for polish
S Jones
S Jones
Dr Buff is a lifesaver !! My car had a massive mark on the bonnet and he fixed it in under an hour! Super pleasant, super professional and my car looks brand new again !! I highly recommend
Ash Foxx
Ash Foxx
I have just completed my masters in paint correction with Pete! I can honestly say his experience and expertise in this industry is next level The way he brakes everything down and the time he takes to explain everything I's remarcable . I am so very grateful for the time he has taken to further my knowledge in my profession Petes brain is a mountain of knowledge And a Brian worth picking He is a cut above the rest ! Thanks Pete 😊
Blake Jennings
Blake Jennings
Just Completed my paint correction course. I felt Peters passion for making cars come back to life and I turn my enthusiasm to learn was elevated even further. I felt relaxedthroughout my training. I come out with a massive confidence that I can complete cars at high standards Peter is a wealth of knowledge and I appreciate him passing that knowledge over to me. Anyone wanting to do a training course, do it with Dr Buff excellent trainer and mentor Thanks again Peter.

Paint Protection For Cars Campbelltown

Ceramic Coatings Services

Dr Buff is located in South West Sydney Campbelltown but our client base stems from all over Sydney. We are the Sydney ceramic paint protection experts and know exactly what your paint needs prior to any ceramic protection application or toughseal application.

We ensure for all our customers that every vehicle leaves our premises in a glass mirror state and applying ceramic paint protection using the correct methods is critical in ensuring this type of finish.


Your car paint has what is known as a clear coat. Clear coat on paint is there to protect vehicle duco which is your actual paint. Even this clear coat needs protecting.

What happens over long term is that your clear coat will slowly break down from the elements it faces day to day, and expose your paint.

As we offer professional ceramic coatings in Campbelltown, we get cars coming to us from all over greater South West Sydney for paint protection services whether it is conventional acrylaplexin coatings or ceramic coating service. Check out our review on Toughseal ceramic coatings


Can Car Paint Be Protected Once Clear Coat is Gone ?


No it can’t. Once the clear coat has deteriorated, your will be in need of a vehicle respray which will run into the thousands of dollars to respray your car. It’s why we stress protecting your auto paint immediately. Your car paint is the second most expensive factor on your car. Damage that or let it deteriorate through sheer carelessness and the value of your car goes through the floor. When it comes to selling a used car, first appearances play a very important role in selling that vehicle quickly and a well presented car does the trick all the time. Talk to a ceramic coatings Campbelltown Pro and we can make it happen for you.

A very well presented vehicle can sell alone without even test driving because outstanding appearances say a different story. Paint protection products are not cheap by any means but they are worth more than their weight in Gold when it comes to maintaining the highest possible value.for a used car


Are There Any Cheap Paint Protection Brands On The Market That Work Well ?


Definitely not. If you want to lose money fast, go ahead and spend under a thousand dollars and see what you get. Some of the best ceramic coating products also take time to apply to a car’s surface. Many people often ask me if spending good money for some of the best paint protection coatings on the market is worth it, and I often tell them yes. If you want to maintain your car’s lustrous appeal and keep that beautiful shine, as well as the maximum value, you do need paint protection.


Paint Protection Coatings

Can I apply Ceramic Coatings Straight Onto Auto Paint ?


No You Can Not. It is highly advised not to do this what so ever. Any type of synthetic paint sealer or ceramic coating protection can not be applied to any paint surface if the surface has not been cleaned or prepared prior to application. Protection of duco is always the last step following either paint correction or car detailing.

Car paint protection in many cases is part of the car detailing process. However, having said that, it goes hand in hand with exterior car detailing or paint correction. If you want to retain as much market value for your vehicle years from now, yes you will need some form of paint coating from the elements. If you want to save thousands of dollars on a new re-spray, yes you do need take some care with your paint in protecting it.

Car detailing and paint protection are two major critical points of general car care. Many people often mistaken this as a single application. Car dealers usually sell protection applications at over inflated pricing and often also applied wrong when they do sell it.

Coatings often require pre-checks and some form of pre-treatment or cleansing of auto paint before applications but this is not the case, so you should never buy paint coatings form car dealers.

What Paint Protection Can We Provide You With ?


There are two types of paint sealers we offer. Natural or synthetic which most are ceramic coatings. Natural of course is usually waxes which costs a small amount to Synthetic or much more durable hard paint coatings or films which cost more. There have been such vast levels of car paint protection that has hit the market with today’s technology that it is easy for one to get lost with a reasonable choice of what is good enough to do the job. Many people are also under the misguided assumption that hard coatings for protecting car paint will take a bad paint finish and magically restore it to a mirror glass finish. Not So. Exterior car detailing involving paint correction is required to remove surface damage, before any paint protection.

What Are Paint Films Or Ceramic Coatings Designed To Do ?


Paint protection or ceramic coatings does one thing and one thing only, it is designed to protect your paint. Nothing else. We have heard also that some are scratch resistant but have seen our own customer cars which have had these applications and have not seen evidence of this. Many paint correction professionals though will try to use it to cover up scratches, swirl marks or other paint imperfections. How good your paint finish is at the end of the day depends on what level of paint correction stage your car is serviced with.

By that we mean washing, surface cleaning, polishing , waxing. New car dealers charge an absolute fortune for how long it takes them to apply a protectant. What you don’t get for that money is having your surface pre-treated in order to enhance the appearance of your vehicle before waxing. We offer a range of paint protection application services, from natural waxes to synthetics such as acryloplexins which work fantastic such as Toughseal to ceramic or nano technology paint products.


Which Type Of Ceramic Paint Protection Do I Need For My Car Paint ?


The choices are easy when you leave your ceramic coatings Campbelltown needs to Dr Buff. Whether you want the latest protection like Toughseal, or ceramic nano technology applications , we can give you what you want. We will take an overall look at your car, asses if too much damage is visible or if a protection treatment can be applied after a simple paint clean.

From there we take into account the use of your vehicle and which paint protection is best suited to your needs. Whether you’ve had paint correction before paint protection or not, and your car is new, the end result should be nothing but a smooth glass finish. If you have a used vehicle, it is likely that your vehicle will require some form of paint correction in order to smoothen out its top urfaces before applications of paint protection sealants. In many cases, minor car detailing of exterior surfaces usually helps.

What Cars Can You Apply Ceramic Paint Coatings To ?

It makes no difference what car you apply paint protection to. All cars co0em with your standard two-pack and clear coat system or what is known as a nano coat which are your ceramic clear coats or also called ceramicoat. Listed below though are the brands of cars we provide paint protection services for

  • Ford
  • Holden
  • Tesla
  • BMW
  • Porsche
  • Honda
  • Toyota
  • Bentley
  • Maserati
  • Audi
  • Min
  • Cadilac
  • Chrysler
  • Chevrolet
  • FPV
  • HSV
  • Dodge
  • Hyundai
  • Jaguar
  • Mazda
  • Fit
  • Jeep
  • Subaru
  • Nissan
  • Alfa Romeo
  • Buick
  • Lexus
  • Rolls Royce
  • Acura
  • Aston Martin
  • Kia
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Volvo
  • Volkswagen
  • Mitsubishi
  • Mclaren
  • Infinity
  • Suzuki
  • Renault
  • Citroen
  • Lotus

What Are The Benefits To Long Term Auto Paint Sealers Like Ceramic Paint Protection ?

Downsides To Long Term Paint Coatings


  • Ceramic Coatings Are Usually Expensive
  • Not Usually For The Home Enthusiast.
  • Requires Pre-inspection Skills Before Application
  • Ceramic Coatings Can Smear or Cause Shading If Not Applied Correctly
  • Some Brands Not Forgiving On Errors. Can Be Difficult To Remove If An Error Occurs, Some Paint Jobs Requiring Wetsanding
  • Must Be Applied Carefully With Finesse and an Eye To Detail.
  • Usually Always Requires a Paint Protection Professional To Apply
  • Many Brands making The Choice Confusing
  • Can Be A Problem If Vehicle Is Involved In An Accident and Car Is Treated By Spray Painter Causing Damage, therefore recurring re-application.

Benefits Of Long Term Paint Coatings


  • Ceramic Coatings Keeps Your Car Looking Clean Longer
  • Eliminates Any Further Polishing Or Waxing
  • Easier To Wash When Needed
  • Cars Do Not Get Dirty As Easy
  • Repels Water Like Of A Ducks Back
  • Much Harder For Grime And Weather Elements To Stick To Car Paint
  • Acts As Sun Screen For Your Car
  • Ceramic paint Protection Can Last Years Depending On Choice Or Brand
  • Perfect For The Driver Who Just Does Not Have Time For Paint Maintenance

Some More Paint Protection Questions People Ask


Is Paint Protection On New Or Used Cars Worth It ?

Yes paint protection on cars is worth it if you want to preserve your cars appearance and shine with minimal maintenance. Most car owners don’t usually have time to polish their own cars which is usually caused by lack of paint protection and therefore paint degrades over time. Cars with no paint protection, usually age faster, lose their shine and can even break down from the elements in our environment much quicker. This is when most car owners result to using bad quality car detailers which usually inflict damage which then requires paint correction to restore the paint surface. Car paint protection in cases like this would help avoid all this un-necessary work as it usually keeps protecting painted surfaces thus avoiding degradation of car paint surfaces


What Is The Best Paint Protection For Cars ?

A lot of people often ask what is the best paint protection for cars but this largely varies and can depend on the clients requirements. This often comes down to a few factors. Are you a car enthusiast ? Do you not care about your car but only want to preserve for resale purposes within a few years or do you not want to polish your car as often ? These factors will determine which paint protection is the best for your car. You only need look at our bullet lists to understand which paint protection is best for your requirements. Basically put, if you do not want to be polishing your car, long term paint protection is best suited to your needs. Paint protection of this kind is usually ceramic paint protection or acryloplexin coatings. Paint protection is not part of the car detailing process unless requested as an add on. Paint coatings of this kind usually have a life span of usually five years and above,but from our experience, we have not always seen these paint protections last as long and more than likely, typically from poor application or vehicle abuse from the car owner.


Should I get Paint Protection For My New Car ?

Yes, you should get paint protection for your new car if you want your car to stay looking as new as the day you bought it. Most people who buy car paint protection only do it to eliminate the need for car polishing and for resale value when the time comes for a trade in which is usually three to five years. In most cases, paint protection is only meant to last this long by the manufacturers specs anyway. Most car detailers will offer paint protection services as an add on.


How Much Does Paint Protection Cost ?

How much paint protection costs mostly depends on what type of paint protection you are looking to buy. There are different types of paint protection for cars and all of them have a different cost associated to them. Having said this, most paint protection applications depending on what you are buying and where from can vary from 600 dollars to in excess of 2000 dollars. Our best advice to start with is to never buy paint protection from the car dealer but to source a third party service like a paint correction specialist or professional car detailer that offers paint protection for cars

Campbelltown Ceramic Coating Specialist


Ceramic Paint Protection That Deliver Maximum Ease Of Maintenance And Constant Shine
For New Or Used Cars

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Dr Buff has been around for well over 20 years in the detailing industry and one of those services we provide is ceramic paint protection in Campbelltown and have been for many years on many different types of cars and vehicles. Whether it’s new car paint protection or used car paint protection, we have a paint protection service that will suit your needs and vehicle. We provide ceramic paint protection in Campbelltown for all Macarthur car owners.

These paint protection coatings will help protect your car against fallout, UV Rays, natural biological elements like bird poop and more. Let our ceramic coatings make your car washing pain-free. Wash and chamois is all you will have to do once you apply our paint protection coatings which are professionally applied with high gloss paint correction treatment prior to applying our ceramic coatings. Paint protection is what you need to keep your car looking new for a long as possible and with easy washing maintenance. When it comes to ceramic coatings, Dr Buff is one of the best Sydney car paint protection coatings specialists that you can trust your ride with. Car detailing may make your car glow, but paint correction and ceramic paint protection will mirror finish it. It’s what professional car detailers are all about


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