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Cheap And Premium Car Detailing

Mercedes Benz Car Detailing And Paint Protection

Mercedes Benz car detailing is in no different when it comes to any other form of car detailing you choose.

It is a question of the quality car detailing products you choose and the car detailer of choice. Most car owners often choose cheap car detailing even though people like this want the best results with a mirror finish for a couple of hundred dollars from a car detail, when in fact, what is needed for a flawless mirror finish is some level of car paint correction.

I have been in the Sydney car detailing business now pretty much all my life and I have very much seen it all and when it comes to car owners who want magic pristine results that last for a detailing charge, well, they very much get what they ask for, lose their money and bitch and whine till the cows come home. When this happens, both parties are actually to blame. The car detailer who lied through his teeth on their delivery expectation, and the idiot car owner who believed the car detailer that he would actually receive a flawless finish for next to nuts.

I very much am fed up of putting everything nicely to people who ask to pay money and not receive what they pay for except to say…” what did you think you were going to get for two hundred dollars “……You can never ever get a flawless, swirl free, hologram free car polish and car paint protection finish for a couple hundred dollars

Mercedes Benz Car Detailing

Premium Car Detailing Services

Mercedes Benz Car Paint Protection

Like anything else on this planet when it comes to services, you have cheap car detailing and you have premium car detailing services..

The gentleman that owns this Mercedes AMG wasn’t too concerned about cheap car detailing because he was all too aware of what comes with cheap car detailing.

He knew that he if he pursued cheap detailing, that’s all he would receive in return. Instead he deiced on a professional car detailing service that delivers results on his expectations and gloss¬† results is what he received.

The detail this Mercedes Benz received was at the cost of 950 dollars and that included a paint protection sealer.

Good permanent bang for buck. A lasting result that is basically a mild paint correction treatment and a paint protection sealer for under 1K. This is a finish that is going to last and the customer knew it. One out fee, one out car detailing treatment. The customer was that impressed with the treatment he left us a review that same night

All this Mercedes Benz received was a strong car detailing treatment that involved a two in one Scholl car polish and a nice synthetic paint sealer to finish it off for that perfection mirror finish. The paint sealer itself wasn’t even a ceramic paint protection product, Just a a Meguiars synthetic paint protection application which sealed off the entire treatment and left a mirror finish that dropped the customers jaw.

Interior Detailing

To top it off, even though the customer did not ask for it, we thought we would give him as a gift a free headlight restoration treatment together with the interior detailing finish.

It all comes down to delivering customer satisfaction with car detailing and that is deliver above and beyond the customer expectation.

When this takes place, you know that as a professional car detailer, you have more than delivered above the customers expectation and a vehicle that will last in its results.

Professional detailers are always under pressure of delivering professional results. This comes with the territory of the phrase….’ PROFESSIONAL “.

You can’t pronounce yourself a professional detailer and not deliver on this request, where is when you roll into a cheap car detailing centre, do not expect to receive professional detailing results.


Headlight Restoration

Headlight restoration treatments are also another service that goes hand in hand with car detailing.

It is not professional to detail a vehicle to a pristine finish and just not do a headlight clean up that just adds to that new look finish of an overall car detail.

Customers can’t always afford what a headlight restoration treatment can cost so we just sometimes throw it in anyway. There is not that much to polishing headlights anyway. If you have been wanting to do this at home and remove yellowing from headlights or faded headlights, all you require is the same basic equipment for headlights as you do for correcting car paint..

If on the other hand you’ve been wanting to restore faded headlight, a good car detailer can usually achieve this task for you if you are not familiar with doing this yourself. Here at Dr Buff, we provide any manner of car detailing to the cars we service.

If you have any questions about car detailing, paint correction or car ceramic paint protection treatments, drop us a line at 0418118998 and we will anser any questions you may havew

Mercedes Benz Interior Detailing
Mercedes Headlight Restoration Services

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