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Covid 19 Disinfection Service SydneyLooking for Covid 19 cleaning in Sydney? When it comes to Covid 19 car disinfection for cars Sydney services, you can’t go past professional Covid 19 cleaning and interior treatment services like Dr Buff. Looking for a car interior disinfection service that is clean and thorough? Nothing can be more important right now when it comes to your car interior disinfection from any possible threat of the Covid 19 pathogen risks spreading through Sydney like the Flu virus.

From the simple flu bacteria infection to a possible covid 19 infection, nothing can be more important than getting a Covid 19 cleaning service if you are under the slightest fear that you may need a car disinfection service that thoroughly destroys all bugs in your interior. This is Covid 19 disinfection that works. It is peace of mind for you, your occupants or your family

We can carry out a thorough interior detail from all hard surfaces with an added Covid disinfection or a standard bacteria sanitising treatment that will kill all bacteria in your car interior.

We are not your average car detailer when It Comes To Interior disinfection

As professional car detailers, we do it all from car detailing, paint correction, car paint protection services and have always provided car interior sanitising services as standard with all our car interior sanitising treatments.

Most car interior detailing products used by Dr Buff is meant to thoroughly clean and kill all bacteria from all interior parts that hands and bums come into contact with. Our cleaning and disinfection is very thorough from door handles right down to deep cleaning and disinfection of all interior components

We provide some of the best products for the disinfection of all car interiors.

We are cleaning and disinfection car care specialists that do it all with 20 plus years of car detailing under our belts


Cleaning And Disinfection Of All Interior Components


If you happen to live in Sydney right now, you will be aware of the Covid situation and panic this deadly virus is causing and the urgency to be vaccinated and disinfect all areas including your own car from any possible threat from Covid 19. The interior of your car can get extremely dirty and infectious considering how many backsides sit on seats and hands come into contact with interior parts like headlight switches, steering wheels, door handles, indicator stalks, gear shifter knobs, console controls, window controls and the list goes on. It is even more dangerous to occupants in your interior if your vehicle is used as a company car and the vehicle is shared.

People with a common cold can be infectious and spread bacteria throughout your interior. Bacteria easily travel through your air conditioning system and if you have been in a Covid hot spot, then it’s all the more reason to get a Covid disinfection service. Everybody knows how far a sneeze alone can go in your car interior


TGA Approved Disinfectants Used For Killing All Bacteria And Covid 19 Viruses



Covid Sanitising Services Sydney


Our disinfection services are one of the best in Sydney. When it comes to disinfecting your interior from bacteria or Covid, you can’t just use any disinfectant. Disinfectants used for Covid 19 and specific viruses must be meant for those viruses and pathogens, So what do you do? Our disinfection services always use disinfectants meant for these viruses or pathogens which come recommended from the TGA themselves.

You can’t just use any disinfectant that you can buy off the shelf, either. Just because there may be a label on the product itself doesn’t mean the product actually works. Any disinfection manufacturer could do this and sell their products as Covid killers. Being involved in the disinfection services, we prefer to follow the advice of the TGA and use only specific products meant for the destruction of pathogens like Covod or the Flu or even Gastro bacteria that could be evident in your interior as well.


Total Car Interior Cleaning And Covid 19 Car Disinfection Sanitation Services Sydney


Having been involved in the car detailing industry and car interior detailing being just one of our fortes, bacteria and pathogen car disinfection is nothing new to Dr Buff. We have dealt with some of the filthiest interiors that would make your stomach cringe. These interiors are too well infected with pathogens or bacteria that could make you quite ill, or like Covid 19 possibly even kill you.

Our sanitation services with our interior detailing have always been of standard service. We just had to adapt to this newfound threat that is Covid. If you have suspicions of your vehicle have been exposed to Covid 19 and would like to have your vehicle treated with Covid 19 cleaning or to kill any pathogens and prevent the further spread of any bacteria and for peace of mind, give Dr Buff a call today.


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