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So What Is A Cut And Polish ?


Cut And PolishLooking to buff scratched or faded car paint from car paintwork that is weathered? If you happen to be a car enthusiast or car lover and are a fan of car detailing, then you would be very aware of the term cut and polish or cut and buff which is a quick car paint restoration method from excessive scratches or swirl marks on two-pack paint.

This is a very loose term that has been used quite frequently during the course of the 20th century in car detailing and still within the 21st century to describe what is basically a quick buff and polish using machine buffers with a choice of cut and polish compounds and buffing pads without getting too technical. These days it is very much recognised as paint correction which is the far more professional approach that professional car detailers tend to use when restoring damaged paint surfaces to a mirror shine

All in all for just restoring damaged paintwork to its former glory. If your car had excessive levels of swirl marks in the paintwork from poor washing or other imperfections, a quick cut and polish would be the cheapest form of restoring that old paintwork back to a reasonable shine.

Having said this, it is from here, the world of paint correction was born. Today paint correction and car paint protection pretty much rule the car detailing scene. Cut and polish is what is mentioned by customers who want professional paint correction results for what is deemed to be  cheap car detailing loosely described a…..” cut and polish ”


What Does A Cut And Polish Do ?


What a buff and polish does is very much restore a damaged paint surface from swirls and scratches with a two in one or three in one system of restoring car paintwork within one pass. This is basically a compound that cuts while at the same time polishing the fresh-cut paint surface to a highly polished finish. Some of the best compounds that would be best suited for this in today’s car detailing industry would be what is known as diminishing abrasives.

This basically means the molecules in the compound start as large granules and are ground into micro molecules due to heat. Thus cutting at commencement and eventually diminishing to a micro-abrasive which aids in a polished and restored appearance.


Does A Cut And Polish Fix All Damaged Paint Surfaces?


No, a cut and polish do not fix all damaged painted surfaces from serious scratches or weathered car paint. Because of the nature of the system in paint restoration used which is two in one or even three in one compound and polishes, these products are not 100% duty focused in executing their sole purpose. It will always only be part cut, part polish and part seal.

These cut and polish products are not as effective as one in one product such as a 100% cutting compound which is focused purely on cutting or a 100% polish is a pure polish and focused purely on maximising shine. For achieving a 100% restored surface free from any swirl marks or holograms, paint correction must be the paint restoration avenue for maximising shine with no buffer trail whatsoever.


How Much Does A Cut And Polish Cost?


A cut and polish can vary in cost from an average 150 dollars to anything as high as say 350 dollars. Most cut and polishes that exceeded this price are usually overcharged for the results delivered. Many car detailing services also may charge in excess of this to an average of 450-500 dollars and actually refer to this as paint correction. It’s not really paint correction as proper paint correction normally costs on average from about 850 dollars and upwards of this figure.


What Is A Good Cut And Polish?


From our own experience in the car detailing industry, a good cut and polish is where high-quality products are used that minimise holograms and most german products help achieve high-quality results from simple two in one products such as Scholl or Menzerna products. Our expert opinion however is that you steer away from two in one products and resort to using one in one products for achieving the best possible results in paint shine. This does not have anything to do with ceramic coatings for cars. While you are here, you may as well check our latest review on Toughseal QFX ceramic coatings


Dr Buff Cut And Polish Services


When it comes to restoring damaged car paint from scratches and swirl marks, Dr Buff can offer cost-effective cut and polish detailing services that only professional car detailing in Sydney can offer. Whether it is a cut and polish you need, car paint correction or car paint protection, Dr Buff can deliver professional car detailing results each time every time. Give us a call, today on 0418118998 and see how our car detailing is different when it comes to a cut and polish. If you reside in Campbelltown, we are a stone’s throw away from you and we are the ceramic coatings Campbelltown specialist




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