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Detailing An A45 AMG

The Ol AMG Cut N Polish

We often get requests for a cut n polish on many cars but a cut n polish by our standards is like… ” how long is a piece of string? ”
This is a term that was used in common detailing talk back in the twentieth century. Surprisingly it is still used even today but the correct term for a cut and polish today by many car detailers is known as paint correction.

It also comes as no surprise that most people who still use this term today also think that cars that have seen coffee car washes or car washes will just easily….” buff up “… from all the damage that is inflicted by these car washes. 30 years ago, coffee car washes didn’t exist, and therefore, scratch damage and paint fade inflicted by hand or coffee car washes did not exist either so a simple ” cut n polish ” doesn’t quite cut the mustard these days. Even in our car detailing training and paint correction training, we always teach the least harshest method first

Today, to buff car paint properly, you must understand your materials and the tools you use and how they work. Most buff jobs usually require a min of two passes to get the job done right. This also includes using ceramic coatings for cars and how they must have a clean paint surface before application.

Being located in Campbelltown, we are often looked up for professional car detailing services as everyone is fed up of car detailing in Campbelltown purely because of the poor results delivered from cheap car detailing. We also get requests for ceramic coatings in Campbelltown and this is also on surfaces that actually do require some level of paint correction. You can not apply car paint protection on top of poorly conditioned surfaces.



Meguiars Chosen Combination


Having said that, ceramic coatings here were not required, This car is just a two pass treatment that is designed to brighten it up and brighten up it did. The first process was to clean the surface using a clay bar so that we had a clean surface before buffing any surfaces.

The two products we used was just basically a Megs cutting compound but only used in a light cutting combination  followed through with Megs car polish to finish off the shine. We could have locked in that shine with ceramic paint protection but this custromer wants a freshen up every few months now that she has seen what her car really appears as.

This was a ceramic paint job with a very tough nano-coat surface that does not cut lightly. All we really needed to do was skim the surface of any dull paint that may have affected the depth or gloss. Megs 105 was perfect for this followed through with Megs 205 polish. Coupled together with the end detailing that helped make the car pop, the end result was basically better than a new car.






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