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Professional Prestige car detailing services  Campbelltown when you need professional results.  Deal with a real Pro when you want that killer glass  finish on your prestige vehicle or any Euro you want professionally detailed or treated. Whether it is  car paint protection, you can trust Dr Buff to  provide the results. From Mercedes, Porsche, BMW and other  marques, you can’t beat Dr Buff for passion driven  results. From paint correction, general detailing all  the way to car  paint protection deal with the best  for your prestige car requirements.
Located In the south west of Sydney  Campbelltown, you don’t have to travel far for  professional results that come from Meguiars  certified detailers.
We are considered as one of the leading detailers  in general detailing, paint correction, interior  detailing and car paint protection applications  throughout Sydney. If you don’t believe detailing will fix your exterior  coat, then paint correction may be what you need.  In lots of cases paint correction is often needed for  removal of surface contaminants, from bird  droppings to acid rain and other industrial fall out. With today’s technology in Nano coats or what is  known as ceramic clear, Dr buff also carries the  latest in Polishing compounds for removing swirling  or webbing from your ceramiclear coat.
This is generally a very hard coat where standard compounds are not good enough for normal car polishing techniques that involve paint  correction.Two pack paint use to be the norm. Not anymore with ceramiclear Waxing and paint sealing stay the same but the process of removing swirls from ceramiclear coats is much much harder. This is where technique, leading market car polishing products and skill matter. We get detailing results up to levels that drop jaws on pick up. If you’re serious about your  car and you truly love and respect skill and passion that goes into loving a car, then you are dealing with the right Pro. Dr Buff

Audi S4...Paint Correction and Paint Protection

Classic Merc...Paint Correction AND Paint Protection

VW Paint Correction

Black Landrover Mild paint correction and car paint protection service

ML350 MERCEDES Prestige Paint correction and car paint protection

ML350 MERCEDES Prestige Paint correction and car paint protection

Beamer 325 Prestige Paint Correction

Mini Car Detailing,Paint Correction,Paint Protection

Saab Personal Touch Car Detailing

Volvo S40 Personal Touch Car Detailing

M3 BMW Prestige Car Detailing Paint Correction

Mercedes E-Class

VW Transporter

Alfa Romeo

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