How To Wash Very Dirty Wheels

Cleaning Dirty Wheels

Cleaning Dirty WheelsWhen it comes to cleaning very dirty wheels or wheels that have not seen a wash in a very long time. Brake dust stains, dried-up brake fluid on wheels and overpainted brake callipers can look really unsightly and ugly, to say the least. When you have a nice shine on your paintwork and dirty wheels, that is not saying much about your tastes in maintaining your vehicle or the effort you put into keeping a clean shiny car. You may also like to believe in the instant spray on hose-off garbage that is often sold on the open market.

Instant Spray On Hose Off Cleaners

Everyone has undoubtedly heard of spray on hose off cleaners that are supposed to magically rid all the brake dust and road grime away from your wheels and leave a shiny finish that is to be admired. That new look wheel that you have not seen in a while. We have always advocated even in our car detailing training courses and paint correction training that there is no such thing as as a quick-fix solution when it comes to car detailing.

There is always going to be some elbow grease involved in cleaning up a ride. Even with cleaning wheels from dirt and grime. Look at the dirty wheel to the left here. That is not a wheel where someone just threw on some dirt on top of a wheel that was wet and then hosed it down with some magic spray on hose-off products. The dirty wheel image to the top left here is actually months and months of no wash.

Whether it is to do with car detailing, paint correction or ceramic coatings for cars, there is never a fast fix to a problem that leads to outright quality.

We have tried a myriad of spray on hose off products. Acid and non acid. They don’t ever fully remove all grime or stains. You will still have to scrub away to some extent to get everything off. Same thing as blasting a car with snow foam.

You still have to wash it down with a lambs wool mitt to ensure everything comes off before wipe down. This is the same with cleaning dirty wheels. We have just done a simple video showing a simple wheel wash procedure for cleaning wheels.

It is your choice as to what magic spray-on hose-off product you are promised will work on the wheels that you use. I am not here to promote any cleaning products on this post.

The wheel pictured to the left was cleaned with a supposed spray-on hose-off wheel cleaner which did not do as we were informed, but, after a bit of elbow grease, achieved ” MIRACULOUS ” results.

Whether you use acidic products or non-acid, the idea is to get all the grime as soft as possible before you scrub it off and general wheel cleaners are more than adequate at achieving this. A simple soak will make all the difference between clean wheels and not-so-clean wheels. If you are using hot water, even better.

Chose your wheel cleaner, soak, and then scrub away using a wheel brush and blast down at the end and you pretty much should see a clean wheel. Provided you are using quality wheel cleaners, there is no reason you should not see sparkling results by the end of it

Check Out Our Video On Proper Wheel Washing Below




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