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HSV GTS Paint Correction

Correcting A Lightly Swirled GTS Paint Job


HSV Paint CorrectionWhen it comes to paint correction, we often get customers who actually believe that paint correction is some sort of magic bullet that can restore all levels of damaged car paint. It must be understood that paint correction can only restore scratched, weathered or damaged paint work as long as there is enough clear coat to work with.

Even when it comes to paint correction schooling, these are just one of the principles we teach. Even when it comes to learning how to detail cars. You can only correct paint as long as you have material and enough paint thickness to work with. Restoring¬† damaged paintwork from swirl marks or etchings using machine buffer, pads and compounds is an art. The HSV pictured here turned out to be a masterpiece and is probably one of the blackest HSV’S in Sydney right now

How To Repair Light Swirl Marks On Paint Work ?

HSV Paint Correction SpecialistsMost cheap car detailers will often resort to aggressive measures at the mere mention of a customer requesting a car detail that will eradicate scratches or swirl marks within paint work. And what is the first tool and pad combo of their choice ?

A rotary buffer and wool pad. A wool pad is the equivalent of dropping a nuclear bomb and a paint job.

It leaves behind the bare min standing together with a trail of destruction of its own in the form of holograms…and very bad ones might I add. If you are reading this post right now, take our advice, if you know anything about correcting damaged car paint, especially dark colours, always use the lightest method possible. It will save heaps of material and leave plenty of paint should you need paint correction at another time.

The HSV pictured here, only had very light swirling which was from washing. The combination to clean this level of damage up was very light compared to a rotary buffer and wool pad which we very rarely ever use these days. The total treatment passes was four with the first two passes being an abrasive pass combination which were only designed to remove as many swirl marks from the top surface, and the second which is designed to refine the finish in preparation for the polish.

I wanted the polish to have very little in terms of holograming to remove from the surface, which is why we used a second refined abrasive finish. Then followed of course by the polishing pass, and then the paint sealer which gave it the ultimate shine and paint reflection you see before your eyes now. This HSV GTS was a dream to look at so much so, the customer just wanted to keep walking around the car and enjoying the car he owned.

Why Should You use Car Paint Protection ?

HSV Paint SpecialistsI have always advocated that once you expose fresh paint, it is always advisable to use a paint sealer or paint protection of your choice.

Paint protection can range from synthetic sealers, carnauba waxes or the new types of ceramic paint protection products that you can use on your car, but always apply paint protection on a freshly restored paint job.

I can’t stress this enough. Not only will it achieve a better reflection even add more depth depending on the type of paint protection product you use, but it will protect your paint and buy you time between washes.

The HSV GTS pictured here had Meguiars paint sealers applied to it.

We sometimes add Autoglym paint protection which helps increase gloss even more, but the combination in paint correction and paint protection applications use here, achieved what we set out to achieve. Maximum depth and a lasting gloss. If you happen to go for ceramic paint protection products, you should find that ceramic coatings tend to last for quite a few years.

We use these costings as well, together with Toughseal Paint protection products, but in the case of this GTS, this was not the plan for this car. Synthetic sealers, especially in Megiuars car detailing products, tend to give a very rich depth together with added gloss and this was our goal for this car.

How Does Paint Protection Benefit Your Car ?


  • Keeps your car looking brand new longer
  • Reduces the chances of superficial damage on your car’s paint from things such as surface contamination
  • It’s acts a s a sunscreen form your car
  • Paint Protection reduces the need for polishing and maintenance …
  • Increases your car’s resale value as your car stays shiny for longer

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