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The vehicle listed below was certainly a special case. This is a black IS 250 Lexus. Awards go to this vehicle for the  ULTIMATE BACK, CALF, AND FOOT BREAKER JOB. I’ve never seen so much cutting compound dust on a car from trying to remove this damage in all my life.

The Lexus car detail from HELL !! If there was ever a car that tested my patience,  stamina, skill, and SERIOUSLY reminded me of my age, AND LANGUAGE IN AWFUL TIMES, it was this sucker.

I needed to book in for a  massage after this killer job. 21.5 HOURS of time  required to restore this car. One full day to do just the tops and left side. 2 full days in total. That’s a record.  This poor  customer was facing the inevitable situation of a re-spray. Everywhere he went , even to the dealer (of you know which  brand) also told him, the vehicle needed to be re-sprayed. Other professionals in this field also told him the vehicle needed to be re-sprayed.
“Come on guys, grow some knackers”……..Why you ask?………SALT SPRAY ETCHING !!….Nobody wanted to touch this  vehicle because the damage was seriously deep into the top coat. Let this be a lesson to anybody out there who owns a  black car and lives on the beach, and does not wash it or  maintain it. I’m not going to lie to you, and I will tell you that  jobs  like this are not in any way cheap, or affordable by most car owners, but it beats a re-spray.

This is why I stress, always  maintain your vehicle. Especially with paint protectants. A good wash, car polish, and car wax never goes astray.

The three photos above are before shots. These photos do not do this damage justice. It was absolutely Horrid in real life.

This restoration carried on into the
WHEEEE..hours of the evening

 The hardest foam pads would not cut well enough into this damage, therefore good old fashion wool pads combined with harsh cutting  compounds which are far more aggressive were used. They also inflicted some nasty swirl marks that later had to be removed.

It took eight passes per section to remove adequate damage. Realistically, this car needed to be wet sanded first, but the risks were too high to remove large amounts of material too fast . Better to be safe than sorry. This was definitely not an easy job. We threw everything at this vehicle to try and restore it, thus saving this  customer serious money on a re-spray.

Must be black Lexus week !!

This is an example of what swirl marks look like from harsh cutting compounds combined together with wool cutting pads. 
As this was a special case, harsh cutting compounds were required. This is what a cheap detailer will leave you with. Even if  you have a good paint job.

Cheap detailers never remove them for the simple reason that it takes more compounds and passes to remove them.  Hence why the 150.00 dollar detail. Imagine paying someone to damage your paint work, instead of restoring it. The photo on the left side of the pictures is  with the swirls removed, but only the first stage.

Artwork, as far as  I’m concerned is to take a car of that in the above photos, and turn 
into glass in the below photos. This, is the drive to succeed

This is what a Lexus should look like. Nothing but a flat glass finish, and believe me, the camera does not capture the true essence of the 
real life results. This is one customer that was absolutely beside himself. So much for everyone informing this customer he needed a 

Subaru Forrester Car Detail, Buff polish.

Toyota Corolla. Toughseal treatment.

New car paint ptotection Toughseal treated

Club Rex...Swirl removal and Auto glym paint protection

Toyota Corolla. Toughseal treatment.

Another Black Lexus

Must be black Lexus week !!

Mirage Sale detail

Black Lexus Mild paint correction with synthetic sealer

Black Lexus Mild paint correction with synthetic sealer

Black Hyundai Getz Car Sale, Mild paint correction treatment

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