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Lexus Paint Correction And Car Paint Protection

Lexus Boot Car Wash DamageWhen it comes to paint correction, seven out of ten cars we get are car wash damaged and seven out of ten are always usually black. As Professional car detailers,we have always advocated that to protect car paint, it is best that you wash your car yourself or at least keep your vehicle right away from car washes. In many cases, severe car wash damage is not always repairable if damage has penetrated deep into the paintwork.

Car detailing never fixes these types of paintwork damage and always requires paint correction to help restore car wash damaged surfaces. We also strictly teach this in our paint correction training with new detailers. In most cases, serious buffing machines are required together with serious cutting pads or polishing pads and hard abrasives.

May times these surfaces also need to be wet sanded to return the surface to normal. Having said this, paint thickness coating gauges will need to be used to ensure that clear coats are not penetrated. In the case of this car wash damaged vehicle, surprisingly, paint thicknesses were in excess of 160 microns which gave us plenty of material to work with. Although we had thick paint, we still did not resort to wet sanding either and still took our time cutting all the damage out using just serious cutting pads.

To the left here is the boot where excessive damage has been caused. We tested a small patch to see if there was any chance of restoring this boot and from the result, we attempted to restore the entire car. As car detailing Sydney professionals, we are presented with many different types of damage and this is typical of car wash damage that we always try to educate our customers with. The boot on this vehicle was only just saved and once restored we applied car paint protection to further protect the newly polished surface. Although we provide varying types of car paint protection coatings, we primarily like to use ceramic coatings or Toughseal paint protection. As professional car detailers, we’ve always stuck to some of the best car care products that deliver results. You can also opt for our Sydney ceramic coating

This Lexus was only just saved from a respray and the customer was certainly pleased with the result. Although this Lexus had some serious paint issues, it did also have paint swirl marks and other imperfections which also needed to be removed with paint correction work as your regular cut and polish doesn’t quite cut the mustard with this level of damage. Have a quick look at our video below before we got started on this Lexus to get a better view of the damage caused by car washes.


After Paint Correction Restoration







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