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Ash and Marc operate a very successful business out of Dubbo called Dubb Vegas. They carry out a lot of general detailing and high gloss polishing for the general community and Gov outlets. Dubb Vegas is highly specialised at metal polishing and serious specialists in vehicle and truck detailing which blew me away when I saw some of their work.

Marc is especially talented in metal polishing and I am sure if you look at some of the following images, you will all agree that is all very accurate. They have now upped the ante and added even more skill sets to their arsenal of services they offer for the Dubbo community by now specialising in advanced paint correction and being Masters in their field within their own region. You can visit their FB page at Dubb Vegas Detailing  or call them directly on 0428 954 649 for any questions you may have.

When it comes to paint correction training, the majority of our trainees stem from already existing business.

Predominantly from general detailing businesses that looks to upskill and move their businesses into the next phase of growth, Detailing is detailing but transforming vehicles with paint correction is an art form. Paint correction can take the average car detailing expert and transform them into a Pro in paint restoration.

Ash came from Dubbo where her partner remained behind to take care of business and Ash took the training of advanced theory Master training in paint correction.

Ash actually brought a black bonnet along instead of a whole vehicle. It was actually easier to work on the bonnet on its own than have a whole vehicle in place.

As Ash had a great deal of already existing experience in using orbital or dual action buffers and pads.  She just wasn’t quite up to speed with using rotary buffers and being able to understand combinations between different pads and polishing actions using different buffers. Because Ash already had blasting experience we skipped straight to vehicle paint inspection.

The one facet of car detailing training before we get into buffing vehicles is understanding and identifying different types of damage that is either owner damaged or car wash damage. from paint correction to ceramic coatings for cars like Toughseal QFX Ceramic coatings to car polishing, we teach it all.

From there we follow through with all the following procedures with paint checks and standard paint preparation steps that must be taken before any buff polish or cut and polish. After two full days of hands on training, Ash has grasped advance theory correction training and is now a Master in her own field. The most advantageous benefit of Master theory training is that no one can question your knowledge. You can simply look at a given paint job and know what combination is required without question. Ash can now more than confidently take on any job in paint correction regardless of colour and glass mirror finish it.

There is nothing we do not cover in this level of paint correction training in our car detailing business. Every trainee learns everything they need to know in order to understand their material  and tools and to use these tools to their full extent. Ash left back for Dubbo with knowledge that will last her a lifetime and boost Dubb Vegas even further with more opportunities for business growth.

Visit Dubb Vegas Here Or Call 0428 954 649

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