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Looking for Meguiars certified detailers ? The family business that began over a century ago making furniture polish one bottle at a time in the garage of founder  Frank Meguiar, Jr. now spans three generations of Meguiar’s and 92 countries. Meguiar’s, Inc. has become the world’s  most respected manufacturer of cleaners, polishes, waxes, conditioners and protectants for every conceivable surface.

If they are all over the world, then they must know something about paint conditioners and protectants. Especially with  knowledge spanning more than 90 years. How can you go wrong. This is why we use Meguiars car detailing,paint  correction and car paint protection products. If you have already examined our car detailing page, then you would already  know, that anything we learn, we have always best learn’t from black cars. It is thanks to black cars we are now ceramic coating Sydney experts. While you are here, check out our ceramic coating reviews

We chose a test vehicle which happens to be a 4WD and applied Meguiars cutting compounds and finishing compounds. 

The paint job on this vehicle is your standard factory finish with a healthy amount of orange peal and plenty of pits, chips,  as well as scratches from bush bashing, acid rain and general abuse.” A REAL CAR”. Not a show pony.

For example purposes however, this type of vehicle is perfect. We also tested a fast detailing product which is designed to  save time

it’s only natural to experiment with different compounds. The most  aggressive compounds are always cutting compounds. The harshest are always reserved  for the most serious of paint  flaws. Most detailers however don’t see it this way.

The harshest of compounds always remove serious amounts of paint  material. The softer the paint, the more material lost. It is only natural for a cutting compound to inflict swirl marks,  otherwise it would not restore the damaged area.

It is clearly pictured that the Diamond cut compound is far more aggressive than the Fine Cut compound. Although this car is heavily swirled with spider webbing from poor washing and maintenance, it does not require the heaviest cutting compounds to correct it’s appearance. It did not even require the Fine cutting compound to remove the  damage. In circumstances like this, a good paint clean, polish and waxing of the external surfaces is enough.

Cutting compounds should only ever be utilised in circumstances where the lightest compounds just are not effective or  basically do not remove enough damage that is deeper than top surface. When this happens you have to start moving up  the scales of heavier compounds. In most cases, the majority of people do not have the level of experience for removing  this sort of damage.

When carried out correctly, Meguiars cutting and polishing products can produce some fantastic results with a gloss finish  that leaves you speechless. Below are some more example photos of the finished product.  If this paint job did not have  any orange peal, it would look even better.

This is an everyday 4WD with its usual damage of spider webbing scratches from branches, acid rain, fall out and God  knows what else, so it does not have a perfect paint job, so the results you see below are realistic. It looks better in real  life. We did not take a show car paint job and polish it to show how good we are at shining paint when the paint job is  already a 10-20 thousand dollar paint job. We just believe in what we do and how well we do it. This customer was more  than happy to lend us his every day vehicle for testing purposes and at the same time got a free make over with his paint work restored back to a glassy finish.



Fast Car Detailing Products

In most cases these days, many detailers choose to use fast car detailing products for the purposes of saving money on  outlaying for materials and also being able to offer very cheap detailing services. We approached a manufacturer  searching for a product that could offer a single pass of polish over a vehicle which produced healthy results and were offered a product which supposedly achieves this. We were also informed that this product does not inflict swirl marks and  does not contain any filling compounds………………We were actually lied to. There is no such thing.

This offending compound  left swirl marks  everywhere The swirl marks are pictured on the left hand side of the  tape in the  photos.

When you see the damage left behind from this compound, it almost makes you wander if it was worth using this product  or wasting time to apply it. On lighter colours of course, it is barely visible. Only in various light forms,like sunlight does it  ever really show. This is obviously what you get from coffee car washes or that of fast detailers. What we have here is  more swirl marks instead of a nice, smooth gloss finish. At the end of the day, you have just paid to damage your vehicle.  This is what I see always getting around. It all goes back to what is always said and is very much a true statement.

What you pay for is what you get !! Take time to think about this next time you open your wallet to throw away 80 dollars  as well as the condition of your paintwork, because to restore a vehicle damaged with swirl marks costs allot more than  just 80 dollars. Especially if it’s black. We use Meguiars as one of our products for one reason. Because Meguiars just  works. If your after a Meguiars certified detailer, your dealing with the right car detailing people and not to mention the best ceramic coating Campbelltown specialists

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