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Mercedes Paint Protection And Paint Correction

Paint Correction MercedesLooking for Mercedes paint protection ? This guys is actually my own ride when I first purchased it. Its had a hit of stage 2 paint correction and a passing of Megs synthetic sealer. My favorite stuff when it comes to sealers one step down from the hard stuff. Being that I like to give my own car a fresh buff and polish roughly every two years, applying a ceramic coating was not in my interest to do so.

Many customers never quite understand when or why they need paint protection for a new car. It all has to do with how the vehicle is used. When it came to my own ride, I knew that the vehicle had been subjected to car washes and all that damage from car washes had to be removed before applying any ceramic coating.


Stage 2 Paint Correction

I knew from the level of damage on this car being car wash damage, the min treatment would have to be a stage paint correction treatment. It did have some rather serious scratches in the duco which had to be removed. I immediately took to Meguiars 105 being that it is meant for hard surfaces and put it together with a strong microfiber cutting pad. This combination proved to be killer when it came to paint restoration on this German muscle car.

Mercedes paint protectionAlthough this combination was just cutting the mustard on ceramic paint, it really needed to go up one notch. The only problem with this was all about removing excess material for the purposes of the odd deep scratch.

I can live with the odd deep scratch here and there so the necessity to remove loads more material for the odd scratch that was barely visible was quickly cancelled out.

It took a little longer than usual, but the end result was certainly worth it. All good things come with time as they say and carefully crafted paint correction with a nice paint sealer to protect car paint after the paint has been restored is a combination for success.

It actually took about a day to correct the paint because I was going slow but once done, the polishing pass was reasonably quick and the sealer was applied by machine so that I got a nice even flat film all over the car. The end result was nothing but superb with white paint which ad depth and a nice wet look shine which Meguiars is renowned for. So if you need Mercedes paint protection, Give Dr Buff car detailers a call for paint protection for a new Mercedes.

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