Paint Correction Course


Eliminate years of trial and error by getting one on one step by step hands on training lessons in car paint correction from a Meguiars certified paint restoration professional.Learn paint correction the right way the first time.




Car Paint Correction Certification Courses That Will Make You A Master In Your Field

Wetsnading Course
Paint Correction Schooling
Carlos Infante
Carlos Infante
Thanks Pete, the car looks amazing with the ceramic coating. You have done an amazing job. It’s great to have someone with passion of his work that you can entrust your brand new car with.
Arvin Wiyono
Arvin Wiyono
Call Peter for any new car ceramic coating you may need. Purchased a new vehicle and the car dealers were overcharging by nearly 1000 dollars. After speaking to Peter, I felt confident in getting what I was paying for and the results most CERTAINLY spoke for themselves.
Rita Aquilina
Rita Aquilina
By far the best car detailer in Sydney I have come across to date. Has done 4 of my cars now and definitely does not disappoint. Thanks for everything Pete
Ruby Lindsey
Ruby Lindsey
Had scratches and swirl marks inflicted on my car by a bad car wash and being a black beamer did not help. After restoring damaged paint from the car wash, the car was that shiny I could not help but apply a ceramic coating just to protect the new shine. Talk to Peter from Dr Buff. You will not be disappointed.
Melanie Osborne
Melanie Osborne
Absolutely mind-blowing shine on my new Merc with ceramic coating. Makes the new Mercs at the dealers look average. If you need paint protection for a new car, Pete is the man for paint protection. Easy to talk to and delivers over and above results. Highly recommended
Wendy Adam
Wendy Adam
Fantastic experience with Peter. Paint protection for my new car. I thought it looked great when I picked it up from the dealership the week before but after a day with Peter it looked amazing!!!!! Highly recommend his services.
Bhairav Car coating centre (Grooming centre)
Bhairav Car coating centre (Grooming centre)
Nice product I used in 99-2000 for polish
S Jones
S Jones
Dr Buff is a lifesaver !! My car had a massive mark on the bonnet and he fixed it in under an hour! Super pleasant, super professional and my car looks brand new again !! I highly recommend
Ash Foxx
Ash Foxx
I have just completed my masters in paint correction with Pete! I can honestly say his experience and expertise in this industry is next level The way he brakes everything down and the time he takes to explain everything I's remarcable . I am so very grateful for the time he has taken to further my knowledge in my profession Petes brain is a mountain of knowledge And a Brian worth picking He is a cut above the rest ! Thanks Pete 😊
Blake Jennings
Blake Jennings
Just Completed my paint correction course. I felt Peters passion for making cars come back to life and I turn my enthusiasm to learn was elevated even further. I felt relaxedthroughout my training. I come out with a massive confidence that I can complete cars at high standards Peter is a wealth of knowledge and I appreciate him passing that knowledge over to me. Anyone wanting to do a training course, do it with Dr Buff excellent trainer and mentor Thanks again Peter.

Looking for Professional level car paint correction course lessons in Sydney or the inner west ? If you’ve been wanting to know how to become a certified auto detailer, then our paint correction certified training course is clearly the best deal and workshop program in training in Australia when you want to exponentially grow your business to that next level.

This is not a car wash training course but a one on one detailing workshop. Being trained with one on one lessons in a car paint correction course is the best way to move up to a seriously professional car detailer. Not shared classes. These are not your average cheap three or four hour car detailing lessons. Our one on one  course in car paint correction training also includes paint protection applications training and car detailing certification on completion.

If you’ve been wanting training or lessons in car paint correction so you can learn how to restore damaged paint surfaces, remove scratches, while using professional grade buffers for restoring paint work, then a paint correction course is the ticket. These lessons are clearly the best lessons in paint correction you can find in Sydney or Australia. Looking for a cost estimate or prices on our training workshop? Call us now to discuss on 0418118998


If You Want To Learn :


  1. How To Use Rotary Machine Buffers
  2. How To Use Orbital Buffers
  3. How To Use Forced Rotation Orbital Buffers
  4. How To Use Buffers With Heat
  5. How To Use Cutting Pads The Right Way
  6. How And When To Use Wool Pads
  7. How And When To Use Microfiber Pads
  8. How To Use Polishing Pads
  9. How To Use Finishing Pads
  10. How To Use Rubbing Compounds
  11. How To Use Polishing Compounds
  12. How To Use Clay Bars
  13. How To Use Lighting plus A Heap More
  14. How To Inspect And Read Car Paint Damage
  15. How To Understand Car Paint Thicknesses
  16. How To Use And Read Coating Thickness Gauges
  17. How To Wet sand Effectively
  18. How To Form Effective Paint Correction Combinations Without Fear Of Error

Then you are looking at the right page for paint correction training. We are specialists that are devoted to your learning and back your training with our name at the end of completion for your workshop training in automotive paint restoration with our own name. You will also be certified by Dr Buff on successful completion



A Training Workshop In Paint Correction Certification That Will Deliver What You Need For That Next Level Up To Pro

This paint correction certification course in paint theory and practice alone will help you remove almost all defects such as scratches, water spotting, oxidation, bird etchings, holograms, swirl marks, industrial fall out tree sap and even more and leave nothing but a mirror finish on your client car.

How would you love to learn how to perfect killer finishes like this on all coloured paint jobs ? How would you like to not ever be afraid of black again. just like here ? Take a look at the paint correction completed on this lovely looking HSV GTS pictured just above here. From the Wash, to the inspection, to the prep, to the correction and down to the paint sealers, you will be trained in how to achieve results like this. Look at the level of Gloss,or glass reflection as it is often referred to, the depth of colour. It almost looks like a matchbox car. One would be hard pressed to believe it is real, but it is and the photos still don’t do this beautiful vehicle any justice. We know what a car needs just by looking at it, even in the shade. We can also train you to be so absolute in your knowledge, that you will prefer to work on black cars, rather than fearing them, just as we do.

To achieve results like this, you must understand your products, your tools, and how they all work together in unison. You must know as a paint correction specialist, when you look at a given vehicle, what combination of materials and tools a car may need based on surface damage.

This is where the Master level training programs in paint correction will make you king of your domain. Combine this together with your general detailing training lessons, and you will deliver absolute perfection each and every time when it comes to overall car detailing. The investment is more than well worth it.


A Small Glimpse Of One On One Paint Correction Training




What Is Involved With Paint Correction Training ?


Paint correction course

There is a lot involved in correcting paint and understanding how paint can be manipulated in order to glow in depth and gloss by removing surface defects that flaw that perfect shine. When it comes to paint correction training, everything must be explained in terms of the processes involved, such as the tools used, the products, and how we put this together to get that perfect eluding shine. You can have a perfect shine, but you ” MUST ” understand the process involved for achieving this all desired goal.

There are two levels of paint correction training and understanding how to shine paint by restoring damaged surfaces. The process isn’t that difficult, but you need to know what it is and how it works. We eliminate years of guess work and trial and error and show you what works every time, all the time.

Standard paint correction training allows you to understand a particular combination and having the ability to restore almost every paint job complication you may cross. This includes the buffers you will be using, the products in terms of compounds and polishes and any paint sealers or what is otherwise referred to as paint protection. This training alone will deliver in your desire to transform almost any car that is suffering from paint flaws in its paint


What Do You Learn In These Paint Correction Training Courses ?


You Learn everything that is required to successfully restore damaged or weathered car paint, the tools you need, the materials required and the highly skilled techniques required to transform cars into artwork


Standard Paint Correction Training


The standard car paint correction training involves an immediate answer as to how to restore damaged paint work using a set combination with a set tool, pad, compound and the right polish and sealer that you will be using to fully restore that damaged paint job and to seal that fresh paint job with a paint sealer. No guess work, no trial and error. Just what works. Of course, there is paint preparation and inspection which you will also learn about.

Buffing Course
Buffing Course


Paint Correction Expert CourseThis level of paint correction learning is for the car detailer who just wants to blow every other competitor out of the water and just simply impress the crap out of their customers while filling their bank balance with handsome returns. If you want to be the elite detailer in your local area while ” CLEARLY ” understanding how paint correction works, then this is the course for you. This is not your average car detailing training. In fact, it really has nothing to do with car detailing.

It is purely paint restoration training to the max and nothing more. This is not a cheap paint correction training course, but it will pay off in dividends which will be more than worthwhile the cost to learn the art form that is paint correction. There are only  a handful of masters in Australia who understand paint correction in the way that Dr Buff does. So why not learn paint correction from the best paint correction specialist in the industry.

Explained in the simplest possible way, what the Master level involves is in understanding how pads work, how heat works, how different machines work, why results change from machine to machine, from pad to pad,compounds, polishes, understanding how polishes and compounds work and how to put this all together to achieve mirror finishes. When you understand this level of detailing training, you are truly a force to be reckoned with. You will never again encounter an issue that you will not be able to resolve when it comes to correcting damaged car paint.

Basic Training Introduction

Courses, whether it is a car detailing course or paint correction is usually two days one on one training.

  • Car Detailing Course Two Days
  • Paint Correction Course Standard Training One Full Day
  • Paint Correction Master Training Two Full Days
  • Master Paint correction And Detailing Training 4 Days
  • One On One Focused Detailing & Paint Correction Training Program
  • Dr Buff Certification Issued Upon Successful Completion
  • Although a time and duration period on our training cousres is specified, this is not strictly a  time limit. This is on average based on how long a student requires to compete a training course. There is no actual time limit on our course programs. Only an average. Not one Dr Buff trainee leaves our training workshop without being thorough and absolutely clear about their detailing training and we stand strongly by this belief. We back our students with our name behind them 100%


Standard Auto Paint Correction Training Duration

This training course is one full day. We eliminate all the guess work and get to what just straight works. This course is for the detailer who is already familiar with detailing, or currently provides detailing services and would like to move it up a notch and provide a complete end to end detailing service. You will not leave our training course not being sure or uncertain of how to effectively correct damaged car paint. Certificate supplied on completion of training by Dr Buff. Dr Buff is also certified by Meguiars which you can be rest assured, that you are trained by a serious professional


Master Level Paint Correction Specialist Training

In this level of training, you are taught and instructed on how the entire procedure of paint correction works. You are taught to understand, how the tools you use work, the compounds, the pads and how to put this altogether to form combinations for serious correction or high grade polishing and paint protection sealing. This course again is for the detailer who again, not just wants to be a Pro but a Master in the field of automotive detailing. This training course is not for the beginner. Although it can be provided for the beginner, we do not recommend this course as it incorporates a high level of theory and practice in understanding paint correction. Some prior detailing would be advantageous before commencing this course.



Listed below Is What Is Involved In The Master Level Course



Vehicle Preparation During The Wash Procedure

This element of car detailing or paint correction is critical. It must be carried out during the wash process to ensure that only clean paint is left with clean lines and edges. Here you will learn how to use blasters, how to clean molds, trims and badges and most importantly, how to clean paint surfaces from contaminants such as fall out tree sap or spotting or other surface contaminants.


Damaged Paintwork And Flaw Inspections

Here, you will learn how to identify what sort of damaged paint you are looking at, is it car wash damage, is it owner inflicted damage. Car washes inflict serious damage to automotive paint. This treatment alone and identifying that it is car wash damage alone will establish what combination will be required. Flaws like scratches, marring, swirl marks, stains will be evident in paint. Identifying the source is important


Lighting And Its Uses And How It Can Greatly Effect Your Results

Immediately upon completion of the vehicle inspection, wash and surface prep, next up, you will learn about lighting and how light can effect your results. After all, if you can’t see what you are looking at, how can you fix it. Here we will discuss what lighting is…” REALLY ” …necessary and how all the hype and bullshit marketing surrounding big dollar halogens is not necessary and why the simplest lighting alone can help you achieve results


Masking And Protecting Trims And Molds

Masking and protecting molds is paramount when carrying out paint correction using high speed tools or buffers, especially rotary buffers that spin at high RPMS. There is nothing worse that burnt or damaged trims to off throw an otherwise perfect paint correction finish. You ill learn how to do this, the taping that is needed and how to fully prep all molds and trims to eliminate anything damaged by buffers


Makita Orbital Buffer
Zentool Buffer
Makita Rotary Buffer
Flex Forced Rotation Buffer

Shown in the images above are four high grade professional tools the specialists and Masters know how to use to their full extent. Each of these tools will make or break your paint correction efforts. Use them wrong and you can damage paint. Use them the right way, and you too will know how to transform cars into glass mirrors. In the Master course, you will be taught which of these tools is best for a given situation and what combination to use each and every one of these tools to achieve a mirror finish. You will learn the dangers of how you can seriously damage paint work with these tools and how to best avoid them. By the time you are done with the Master course, you will know how to use these tools like anyone knows how to drive an AMG in sports mode.


Identifying Types Of Paint On New Or Old Cars

Paints have changed greatly in the last fifty years. We have gone from acrylic paints, to two pack paints and now we have paints with ceramic clear. Here you will learn also, how to identify these paints and which combination wiull be best suited with your choice of pads, combinations and polishes to best restore the paint work at hand.  You will learn about hard paints and what is also referred to as sticky paint and how these paints can cause complications when correcting paint.


Wool Buffing Pad
Finishing Pad
Polishing Pad
Foam Cutting Pad

Shown above are buffing pads used by the professionals. These pads are very much the cause of so much confusion when it comes to to correction and finishing. Which one do you use for correction, which one do you use for finishing, and on what tool, and with which polish or compound. This is what you learn in the Master class, understanding how everything works and how to put it in unison so that it all flows and produce a flawless mirror finish each and every time.


Coating Thickness Gauges
Coating Thickness Gauge

A coating thickness gauge is an electronic instrument which reads paint thicknesses to assist in establishing whether or not aggressive forms of paint correction can be applied. No professional detailer should be without a paint correction thickness gauge at any time of their business life. If you are planning on factory paint restoration or aftermarket correction work, a paint coating thickness gauge will be a must. You can not take risks on removing surface material if you are not aware of how much material you are working with.

Here you will learn how to read gauges and how to understand the differences in coating level thicknesses which will assist you in correcting damaged paintwork by finding a maximum limit that in which you will be able to work with. Paint coating gauges should be in every car detailers tool box.

To Cap Off


Our Master course is where you learn everything about paint correction and the basis that forms the foundation of paint correction. Put simply, when it comes to detailing in any oif these courses, you will learn :


  • How To Inspect Paint Flaws And Their Origin
  • Blasting And How To Use These Tools Effectively
  • How To Surface Prepare Paint Before Your Tools Even Touch Automotive Paint.
  • Masking All Plastics And Molds
  • Using Lighting Effectively
  • The Types Of Polishing Machines Used And How To Use Them Effectively
  • Polishing Pads, Which Ones To Use And When And How To Identify Polishing, Finishing and Cutting Pads
  • Polishes And Compounds. SMAT Compounds And DAT Compounds And How They Work
  • Paint Thickness Coating gauges And Why You Should Be using Them
  • Certification By Dr Buff Upon Passing The Advanced Theory Masters Paint Correction Course.
  • Ceramic coatings for Cars. We are the ceramic coating Sydney Experts And We Can Show You How It Is Done


Once completing this paint correction certification course, you will be able to undertake any paint jobs, whether ceramic, two pack even acrylic if you still find one these days. Never again, will you be uncertain as to how to carry out effective paint correction and produce mirror finishes. If you would like more information on paint correction course training, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0418118998 so that we may further assist you in your endeavors in this fascinating field that is paint correction. If you have been wanting more information on ceramic coatings, check out our review on Toughseal ceramic coatings

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