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Paint Correction Training For Australian Hail Team

Paint Correction Training For Blake

Here at Dr Buff, we long provided car detailing training and paint correction training for people looking to pursue their own dreams by starting their own business and believe it or not, the car detailing industry seems to be a big one. I have been in the car detailing industry for well over 20 years now and have detailed and corrected cars more than I care to remember.

Training individuals who desire to pursue their own dreams is one thing but we also long ago caught the eye of many different types of businesses that also look to expand further past the services they already provide. These businesses vary within the auto industry although most are car detailing businesses, we have also had car tinting businesses looking to expand into the paint correction world.

We may be a car detailing Campbelltown established business, but our car detailing trainees travel from far to be trained by us. Most times, all out car detailing training is one on one. Very rarely do we get two-on-one training. We don’t have flashy workshops to impress our trainees with, We have knowledge….and lots of it…We are also very selective in our training choices as we do not just wish to be training anybody and everybody that wishes to join this industry. As a professional car detailer myself, I have always felt I am partly responsible for keeping out individuals who wish to exploit this industry rather than provide a valuable service that is built on passion

Welcome To The Industry The Australian Hail Team

The Australian Hail team at is a popular hail damage repair service that stems from the North Coast. They have been providing PDR services for years for local residents and Local car dealers and were looking to expand in the paint correction industry.

I have to admit, I have conducted paint correction repairs on tonnes of vehicles over the years, and I musty say, Many of those had dents on them. I also must say, that when a  car has been fully corrected, there is nothing worse than that very car being riddled with dents. Dents become far more prominent with corrected and shinier car paint and the Australian hail team saw a market in this and realised there was more potential for further market growth in this field. Perform paint correction while removing dents and perfecting finishes to the detail.

I have to admit, there is nothing worse than paint correcting a paint job to a beautiful finish only to have dents all over the finish itself. It is rather unsightly to look at or visa versa, repair dents on an otherwise less than perfect paint condition that is scratched and swirled really excessively. Perfecting finishes takes time and only serious professionals know how to do this here at Dr Buff, we create professionals in the paint correction industry. If you have been looking to be trained in car paint correction or want to be upskilled to add to your business an art that is unique and limited, don’t hesitate to call and talk to us about further progression for your business

The AHT have bean in the hail damage repair ro 30 years and if there was one thing that really bothered Blake was repairing dents on vehicles that had seriously flawed car paint.

You can remove all the dents you like but if the paint job is not quite there, it just does not complete the package.

Blake could see this and acted upon it to see through it that not only was he a serious professional in dent removal but wanted to also upskill to being a paint correction specialist to compliment his work with dent removal. Seriously dedicated to his passion, I took him on trained him in this art form and Blake no possesses the necessary skills to deliver fully completed dent free scratch free paint finish to his clients. For more info, you can visit their website or call for more info on 0418 102 650

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