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Porsche Paint Protection

Porsche Paint Protection

Car Paint Protection For Porsche Panamera


Porsche Paint ProtectionWhen it comes to car paint protection, you can’t go past ensuring that your Porsche is in great hands and is protected by the proper car paint protection coatings that professional car detailers can provide.

We have been applying ceramic coating films and acryloplexin coatings like Tuff seal paint protection on European marques for over ten years  with absolutely no come backs. The customer or the owner of this Porsche wanted he car to glow as the end result.

Although there was no real problems with the correction side of the table, the car did lack a little some luster so we hit it with a nice strong polish using Megs 205 finishing polish on a medium strength pad.

This brought the shine up immediately then we followed through with locking that shine in with a ceramic Paint protection coating.

The owner was over the roof with the results. Swirl free finish and nothing but glass left this Porsche with nothing but depth and looking like a mirror on wheel. Often many customers ask or actually believe if paint protection for cars is designed to mask up swirls or damage on car paint work. Car paint protection is not suppose to be used for the purposes of masking up swirl damage or hologram damage.

Car Paint protection For PorscheAlthough it can be used for this, it is not what paint protection is meant for. Auto paint protection is what it is ….” car paint protection ” ….It’s all it is meant to do and that is protect your car paint.

If you have a car that is covered in scratches and swirl marks, you really should be talking to car paint correction specialist. Paint correction in these circumstances is a must.

Car detailing does not remove swirl marks or holograms unless you are using specific products for the purposes of removing swirl marks or holograms and in any case, most cheap detailers very rarely ever use top quality polishing products.

Mostly three in one compounds rather than one in one products. If you’ve been looking at getting paint protection for a Porsche and you really want it looking its best, then give us a call. Dr Buff only ever provides the best in skilled paint correction and paint protection applications

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