Prestige Car Detailing Sydney

Prestige Car Detailing


When it comes to prestige car detailing in Sydney, Dr Buff has always been about delivering, not results, but passion. Passion delivers results that drops jaws and makes customers not want to drive their cars from the sheer disbelief that a car can look so good when treated by hands that waive detailing like magic artwork. From car detailing to paint correction and paint protection coatings, to interior detailing, we can deliver only the best prestige car detailing money can buy.

From Mercedes, to BMW, to Porsche, Maserati or whatever prestige vehicle it is you favor, we can treat your pride and joy to the best Meguiars experienced hands you can find from prestige car detailing professionals in Sydney. We are also black car professional paint correction specialists

With a lifetime experience in car paint restoration using only the best car polishing products from Menzerna, Mothers, Meguiars, Optimum and more, we have the know how to turn your car into depth and pure mirror that only true professional car detailers can only deliver.

Prestige Car Detailing Sydney

What Car Detailing Services Do We Offer ?

Prestige Car DetailingHere at Dr Buff prestige vehicle detailing, what we provide is in delivering excellence when it comes to prestige car detailing. For any prestige car to look professional in its finish, everything must be balanced on completion. From paint restoration, to interior detailing, to the wheels and wheel arches, the whole car detailing process has to be balanced.

There is nothing worse than having beautifully completed paint whether detailed or through car paint restoration, only to have it soiled by dirty window or door trims. We believe in one thing…” Detailing Excellence “…We must admit, we are not cheap car detailers, we are not a cheap car wash with ten cheap detailers treating your car to the world’s worst paint protection and car detailing products your car will ever be exposed to.

We are family operated business who is passionate about delivering smiles from ear to ear though a love of cars that always pays off with results that deliver. We are car enthusiasts our selves and detail our own cars when we are bored ourselves. Your car will be treated by the master himself and that is me, Dr Buff. Your pride and joy will be in the hands of a Meguiars detailer that delivers results that defies belief

How Long Do We Need Your Car For Professional Detailing ?

Prestige Car Detailers SydneyGenerally, all prestige car detailing requires minimum a full day to complete. We are not a franchise car detailing service that turns over cars like hamburgers going out the door. From the minute your car arrives at our door, It is treated from top to bottom.

From blasting down the exterior to detailing paint using the best car detailing products, to cleaning wheels from brake dust, wheel arches, engine bay detailing and to interior detailing, this all takes time. We take our time perfecting everything that can be perfected so as to deliver to the customer the best possible results that can be achieved.

Good detailing takes time. It is not possible to get permanent results in two hours. For a prestige car to look luxurious in its finish, it requires experienced hands to treat the car with finesse and lots of love.

Professional detailing is not a two hour process but an all day process treated by the best black car detailer in Sydney, Dr Buff, Meguiars certified detailing specialists. We use only the best brands for perfecting that finish that astounds car owners. No cheap products here. Just quality brands that deliver the expected and much desired perfect result, maximum paint depth and gloss that most clients believe is impossible.

Prestige Car Paint Correction

Remove Swirl Marks from car paintIs your car smothered in scratches, swirl marks, or holograms ? If it is, then all the car detailing in the world will not save it. If you have been detailing your car non stop hoping to restore damaged paint work, then you would be best advised to stop wasting your money on car detailing.

Car detailing is only designed to enhance a car’s exterior experience. Depending on the quality of the detailing products used, this can last for a short period or long period of time.

Paint correction is what will save your paint and restore your paint work. Paint correction is artwork that takes years to master. It is the process of removing scratches, swirl marks and other damage from paintwork permanently using specialised buffing machines, polishes and buffing pads with the necessary combination to restore particular damaged paint.

It matters not whether it is nano technology paint or conventional two pack paint, paint correction will restore all manner of damaged paint as long as it has not penetrated the clear coat completely. Paint correction will restore paint work beyond most peoples wildest dreams and in mpost cases produce far better resulats than complete new resprays. Why ? because the top surface is treated to perfection to produce maximum depth and gloss from any paint work. We have been polishing and buffing cars all our lives as professional detailers and correction specialists.

Lexus Paint CorrectionWhether you have own a black car or red car or whatever colour car you drive, we can restore your paintwork. We are passionate about producing mirror finishes that drops jaws and pulls smiles ear to ear and is hard to wipe. It won’t be the first time that we have heard… ” my car didn’t look like this when I bought it new “…If you want to restore paint work to better than new, then paint correction is the ticket to achieve the best possible results out of your existing paintwork.

If you’ve been wanting to restore your paint work, give us a call and deal with the best paint correction specialist in Sydney and let us restore your ride to a mirror finish permanently. We use some of the best paint correction brands in the industry and nano technology products that go hand in hand with ceramic paintwork. If you drive a German brand vehicle, it will be ceramic paint. Unfortunately the only problem with ceramic paint is that it is more expensive to restore than two pack due to its hardness, but produces some of the best shines you can get from paint work.

Paint Protection For Prestige Cars.

Have you been looking for paint protection for prestige cars ? It is very easy to get confused with the huge range of paint protection coatings that are out there on the market today. Paint protection films can vary in price from brand to brand and also the type of paint protection you are searching for. Brands like Tuffseal, GTechnic , Opticoat and Ceramic Pro are just a few that we can name.

These are just some of the latest and greatest that are currently on the market. On the lower spectrum of the scale you have natural paint protection products like Carnauba wax which is fast phasing out among many car owners but not necessarily among serious car enthusiasts as car enthusiasts love polishing and waxing their own cars on a a more regular basis.


What Is Paint Protection Designed To Do ?


Paint protection like ceramic coatings for cars is designed to do only one thing, protect your car paint. By protecting your car paint, what we mean is, that it is designed to protect your car from most natural elements that nature can throw at it such as fall out, sun fade, bird droppings, bat droppings and so on. We are the ceramic coating Sydney experts. Just ask if you have any questions and if you would like to see the our latest take on ceramics, check out our ceramic coatings review

It is also designed to eliminate polishing and waxing so that all you are required to do is wash it, and chamois it dry and that’s it. Paint protection is not suppose to hide damage, or cover up damage even though many detailers and paint protection specialists will use it for that purpose.

Only problem is after a while when the car has been washed a couple times and all the excess paint protection washes off, all the damage again re-appears on your paint surfaces.

Always carry out paint correction on your paint surfaces before applying any paint protection coatings on your car. Paint protection will also enhance the quality of your shine so the less damage your paint has, the better the shine will be after having applied protection coatings. If you have any questions, ask our ceramic coatings Campbelltown expert, Dr Buff.

If you need paint protection for a prestige car, we can help turn your car from a sad looking paint job to a glass mirror finish by combining our skill set with paint correction and paint protection to bring out the best from your existing paint work and keep you smiling for many years to come.

Paint protection for prestige cars
Paint protection coatings

Porsche paint protection, paint protection for Maserati, Mercedes, paint coatings for BMW, Audis and all European or prestige cars, we have the paint coating film for you.

So to wrap up, if you are looking for the best prestige car detailing Sydney specialists, from car detailing, to paint correction and paint protection coatings, we can give it all to you in results that will awe you. Give us a call, we can help transform your ride far more than you can ever imagine.

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