Sydney Specialists In Car Detailing Paint Correction And Paint Protection Services


We’ll meet with you and learn about the history of your car. We will then  discuss and decide on what is possible to be achieved on your vehicle given the level of damaged surfaces, if any. Checks will be made to determine the  overall paints condition and what can be achieved.

If it is auto detailing you are after we offer a professional range of car detailing services to make your car  gleam like new.
Vehicles that require special care or attention to restore back to an acceptable level can and do consume more than one day. These are vehicles that require a detailer to throw everything he knows as far as experience is concerned, including the kitchen sink !! If you can honestly look at your vehicle and say to yourself, “I do not want to sit in it, or drive it anymore” then your vehicle is in serious need of attention and crying out for a screaming need of focus and hard work. Interiors alone can consume an entire day to restore back to an acceptable standard. Exteriors an extra day or two on top of that This is where DR BUFF EXCELS. These are custom services with custom pricing. There is not a vehicle that has stopped us yet.

Car Paint Protection Services Pre-Treated
Does Not Include Staged Paint Correction

  • Small Car Acryloplexin $750.00

    Small Car Ceramic coating 1200

  • Medium Car Acryloplexin $950.00

    Medium Car Ceramic Coating 1500

  • Large Car Acryloplexin $1100

    Large Car Ceramic Coating $1800

  • 8 Seaters Acryloplexin $1600.00

    8 Seater Ceramic Coating $2400

Paint Correction

Paint correction is the true form of car paint restorations. If you are after a result which actually does involve the removal of swirl marks or paint surface imperfections,then this is it. The specialist car detailing services listed above actually involve minor level paint correction. That’s why it is listed as specialist car detailing.

Car Paint Protection

Our car paint protection services involve using Meguiars, Autoglym or Toughseal ceramics coatings for cars. You may also want to check out our review on Toughseal QFX ceramic coatings, These car paint protection products combined together with paint correction achieve what is the pinnacle of a killer glass finish. This is not fast standard car detailing. We are the Ceramic Coating Campbelltown Experts

Car Interior Fabric Protection

We also provide interior fabric protection direct from the manufacturers of Toughseal for your car interior …….$170.00 All vehicles
except 8 seaters.

Paint Fade

If you have faded paint we can also service your vehicle and remove any paint fade which is effecting your vehicles

Damaged Paint Surfaces

If your vehicle is generally covered in damage ranging from scratches, swirl marks, or just plain good old fashion abuse from improper washing or bad polishing, this can also be fixed with simple external car detailing or paint correction. Don’t be fooled by anyone who tells you your vehicle is in need of a paint re-spray until we asses it our selves.


Professional rotary buff paint clean, polish, and synthetic sealer. Although you may think it, when you buy your new car, it really doesn’t exactly look it’s best. This treatment is for the car enthusiast who likes maintaining their new car and is not interested in five year paint protection programs.


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