Toughseal Paint Protection Applications

This paint protection product is for the car owner or driver who just does not have the time to be taking care of or maintaining paintwork on their vehicles. It is a simple wash and chamois procedure every time after you have applied paint protection on your new car or used car. Most people often look for paint protection for new cars when purchased. Toughseal as the name suggests is the paint protection film to be using any car that sees the elements of our atmosphere. So, if you need paint protection coating on your car paint, we feel more than comfortable that Toughseal will be the ticket to protecting your car paint.

Meguiars Certified Detailer There are two ways to carry out car cleaning. The Crappy Affordable Auto Wash way, and the professional way.  We have more about this subject on following pages. Professional paint and interior maintenance on the other hand is time consuming but, yields results that will leave you absolutely stunned when used with the best car care products on the market. From learning how to clean car interiors, whether it be cleaning cloth seats or leather seats, cleaning carpets and re-moisturizing vinyls and leathers, we can get your interior looking like new.

When it comes to restoring car paint or paint correction, we can cater to everyone with the best possible results. It does not matter if you have paint fade issues, scratches, holograms or swirls or even bad looking paint from previous car care, Dr Buff is certainly the one to help you achieve your goals with your vehicle. We can cut and polish away your swirls, scratches and other imperfections in your paint by using the best polishing compounds that provide swirl free results that are permanent and last. Some of our best procedures in paint correction basically provide show and shine results. It’s only to be expected when you deal with someone who understands car care and uses only professional auto care products.

With our paint correction procedures come the best results that money can buy. We use the best in detailing equipment and materials that are available and combine them with years of experience and technique to achieve the best possible results for your ride. Looking for a black paint specialist ? Leave it to Dr Buff. 7 out of 10 cars we do are basically black. Just look at our black autos on our pages. Buffing black paint is tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing but it’s easy for Dr Buff.

A look at our images will show you how good we are as black vehicle care specialists and generally as Pro detailers as a whole. If you are looking for a Professional in car care in south west Sydney and who also uses industry recognized auto care products to achieve the best possible results on your car, then deal with Dr. Buff and get that look your looking for. We don’t just service customers in Campbelltown or the Macarthur district, our customers travel to us from the northern beaches, Hornsby, the north west to customers who just require professional car detailing. We are not mobile detailers, just great detailers.

Although most Porsche owners are not even aware of it, Most Porsches, on particular post 2006 happen to be applied with  what is known as Nano Technology paint or what is otherwise know as ceramic paint.
This paint was primarily produced for the European market as it is very resistant to scratching as most European car owners  happen to use car washes. Although this paint does not scratch easy, it still does scratch and when it does, to remove  scratches from ceramic paint is pretty much a nightmare.

It often involves the most severe methods of paint correction to remove scratches from paint being of a ceramic base. So, if  you own a German marque as of your personal taste, do yourself a favor and ” DON’T — — USE CAR WASHES ” of any type and you won’t have problems removing scratches from ceramic paint. If you are looking for Porsche detailers or Porsche detailing in Sydney, give us a call and lets see what we can do to make  that Porsche look better.

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