Toughseal QFX Ceramic Coating Review

Toughseal QFX Carbon Ceramic
Coating Review
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Looking for a Toughseal QFX Ceramic coatings review ? Well, this isn’t quite a Toughseal QFX ceramic coatings review but read on and I am sure you will believe every word that is to be said about why we use Toughseal QFX ceramic coatings. We stand 1000 percent by this ceramic coating for cars as we have been using Toughseal products for over a decade with NOT ONE COME BACK, so if you are after a Toughseal ceramic coating review, trust in Dr Buff. We do not back products lightly.

Got Toughseal QFX Ceramic coatings on your mind ? Dr Buff has been at the forefront in paint correction and car paint protection for well over 20 years now as a business. In fact, I have been meddling with shining paint form as far back as I can remember in the 80’s when I first got my license and was able to drive. I went straight to Robbos spares ( and many of you will remember them ) and bought my first buffing materials. Through decades of trials and tribulations I have mastered my art so much so that car detailers travel to me  to get their hands on paint correction training that has stood the test of time.


Have You Carried Out Paint Correction Before Your Ceramic Coating Application?



Toughseal QFX Ceramic coatings review

Toughseal QFX Ceramic coatings review

It never ceases to amaze me that when it comes to ceramic coatings or car paint protection, many people actually go for the bullshit deals under a grand for magic restoration paint protection applications.

This is also to mention that there are plenty of crook car detailers out there who absolutely rort the industry and car owners who are gullible enough to believe that they are actually going to get a top-notch ceramic coating application done for a few hundred dollars.

The sad situation with most of these cars is that they usually require some level of paint correction prior to a ceramic coating for cars

I can understand that there are many who do not understand anything about car paint protection and are pretty much conned into these cheap car paint protection treatments and those car owners I feel sorry for.

The customer I do not feel sorry for is usually the one that has some understanding about car paint protection and is constantly looking for the cheapest possible deal until one of these car paint protection sharks comes across their way and begins making impossible promises for next to nothing.

The customer buys it thinking they are saving hundreds, and then complains 6 weeks down the track that their car suddenly has swirl marks appearing on their car.

The car pictured here required a stage 1 paint correction treatment before any Toughseal QFX ceramic coating application.

The results blew away the client. How much was this job worth you ask ? No bull, 3300 dollars. I did not charge the client this much as I look after my clients with freebies and cheap prices when they are repeat customers and this gentleman has trusted us with his cars for well over 12 years now.

Not only that but on delivery of his vehicle. he also purchased a gift for us because of our commitment to this client over the years. Now that is saying something about our paint protection applications and how passionate Dr Buff is about our work and delivering satisfaction in spades.



Repeat Customers On Toughseal Paint Protection Says A Lot


The KIA Stinger pictured here is from a lovely gentleman who is a repeat customer and has been using Toughseal paint protection products through three models of cars he has owned.. Three model vehicles that this man has owned have all been treated with Toughseal car paint protection and this KIA Stinger has just received its first ever Toughseal QFX Ceramic coating which produced fantastic results. Absolutely stand by this product and the results it produces. From Toughseal QFX Ceramic Coating Review, we can not recommend this product high enough.


Ensure Your Paint Correction Is Completed Before Any Car
Paint Protection Application


You can either read this couple of paragraphs or watch the video below but what we always stress is that if you have a vehicle that requires car paint protection, you will ” DEFINITELY ” require some level of paint surface prep or correction beforehand.  Most car paint will have some level of contaminants or paint imperfection on the surface which needs to be rectified before any ceramic coating. Ceramic coatings ro paint protection is not meant to restore car paint. It protects car paint. Paint protection will enhance a restored finish if completed correctly.

This is where most car owners are duped by cheap car detailers offering paint protection for under 700 odd dollars. Golden rule to follow by…” BE VERY WARY OF DEALS UNDER 1100 for large cars if they are based on acryloplexin coatings or under 1400 if they are ceramic coatings. They are this cheap or cheaper for a reason. Don’t be sucked in by conmen car detailers selling you bargain-priced paint protection packages or even cheap paint correction treatments. You wouldn’t believe it but I am so sick of seeing cheap car paint correction treatments which are not really paint correction treatments but over-glorified car details.

While I am on the subject of paint correction, if you are a bargain-based paint correction customer, give me a call right now. I can hand you straight over to a guy in my neck of the woods that charges 450 dollars for stage 1 paint correction where I charge 11-1600 for stage 1.

After he ruins your car with swirl marks and holograms, you can pay me 11-16 to fix it on top of what you paid..Does that seem fair ? No, it doesn’t, does it ? So learn from someone who sees it all the time and save your money. If you do not have the funds, all it takes is some time and patience. Patience pays off and produces big smiles instead of big frowns. Also, we are located in Campbelltown, so if you need a Campbelltown ceramic coatings expert or any ceramic coating for a new car in Campbelltown, hit me up and get the results you are looking for. Take care now and thanks for reading.



Some Questions About Ceramic Coatings


The downside to ceramic coatings is that can not just be applied straight out of the box intermediately onto car paint. Car paint surfaces must be cleaned free from any contaminants and all swirl marks and scratches removed. Most people are under the assumption that ceramic coatings provide an alternative to restoring damaged car paint but this is not the case. The other downside to ceramic coatings is that it is quite costly to apply depending on the pre-treatment at hand but once applied are well worth the results. Having said this, there is no paint protection that is 100 percent bullet proof.


Which is better paint protection or ceramic coating?

Whether it is paint protection or ceramic coating all comes down to personal preference. PPF is basically a vinyl film or polyurethane film which is applied over paint. When it comes to protection this is the ultimate in paint protection from scratches or stone chips but comes at the sacrifice of paint gloss. Over time, the film can fade off which can make the vehicle look like crap. Ceramic coatings do not quite offer the same protection as a PP Film but gloss is at the maximum and the vehicle is always easy to wash and maintain.


Does ceramic paint protection stop scratches?

Ceramic coatings were manufactured to be harder wearing and longer lasting compared to natural waxes or other synthetic sealers. Many car owners are under the impression it protects against scratches or stone chips. This is not the case. Ceramic coatings are meant to be more durable against natural elements, not car washes which are severely harmful to car paint or wash abuse from poor washing techniques


Will Ceramic Coatings Fill In Scratches

Yes, ceramic coatings can fill in light swirls or hairline type scratches which can give a off a false illusion that car paint has been restored but this not the true result.Eventually, the scratches will begin to show again as the coating starts to wear off over time.




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