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VW Ceramic Coating For New VW R Line

Applying A Ceramic Coating On A New Volkswagen R-Line T-Cross


I have applied hundreds of car ceramic coatings for cars up to now and the one comment I get all the time from new car customers is that they can believe that their new car looks better after the entire vehicle has been treated as opposed to what it looked like when they bought it new. Most new car owners do not understand that new vehicles are delivered as new vehicles and that they are not high detailed or treated before the sale. This VW  T-Cross is no exception.

The customer purchased this VW new and we were more than glad to provide a new ceramic coating for this VW. New car paint protection always goes a long way in enhancing and protecting new car paint. In certain cases, some new cars even require mild paint correction to help remove mild imperfections such as light scratches which are normally inflicted by car dealer yard staff.

The normal process is the pre-delivery service which is really nothing more than an exorbitant clean and wash down but in many instances of executing the pre-delivery process, staff can be lazy and ultimately use nasty rags or dirty equipment

In our process, the entire vehicle goes through a basic car detail but much more so a mild paint correction treatment which helps enhance the depth of colour while removing any mild swirl marks or mild scratches. We all know the more imperfections gone, the better the outcome. We applied a standard ceramic coating on a Pre-treated surface and the results were absolutely beautiful.

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