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What Is The Best Car Paint Protection To Buy For A New Or Used Car ?

So Which Is The Best Paint Protection For Your Car ?


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Paint protectionWelcome to what is probably going to be the most important post on this whole website when it comes to protecting car paint and understanding how to choose the right paint protection for your ride the first time,whether it is a new car, or a used car..

The question we get asked most often…” What is the best car paint protection for your car “….” HAS “… to be one of the most commonly asked questions that we get nearly every today.

What product do I use ? do I buy ceramic, do I buy acryloplexins, or do I just stick to traditional car waxes ?

With the myriad of car paint protection products on the market today, it can only be a question of time that you either are sold the wrong paint protection film or coating, or some snake oil car detailer sells you down the river on broken promises with some magic pill product

On this post we aim to dispel those myths, so that you can make an informed decision on your purchase choice of paint protection for your car.

There are real myths and truths with understanding in reality what really is the best car paint protection for your car today. Having been in the car detailing industry my whole life, I have pretty much seen it all when it comes to damage to car paint work from scratches being inflicted by the owner, to the use of car washes and the horrific damage they do to some of the most exotic and expensive cars out on our roads today, let alone general traffic vehicles which see abuse every day.

Take a look at the reflection of myself in the above photo here.

Yes, it has what we deem to be the best car paint protection that we used on this mustang bonnet that was suited to the vehicle in question and the customer. You would never guess that the reflection here is off a black Mustang bonnet facing the sky, but the real question is, for who is the best car paint protection for ? you or the car ? and for what results are you trying to achieve from your car paint protection. This is the real question that you need to ask yourself. Whether you are looking to buy natural paint protection or synthetic coating protection, your car is going to be happy either way. It also come down to you.


A Brief Video Explaining Car Paint Protection Types



Mustang Treated With Stage 3 Paint Correction And Completed With Toughseal Paint Protection



Is your car scratched, is it weathered, is it covered in holograms, are you attempting or are you being sold the old adage, that car paint protection will eradicate paint surface damage form your car and give you a magnificent shine ? Well, if that is the case, you need to steer away from car detailers who sell you hogwash like this because although protection films work, they are…NOT…bullet proof. Damaged car paint will always require some level of car paint correction to restore a damaged paint surface. Only the best professional car detailers know how to do this. This is what use to be referred to as the old cut and polish. This is the method for removing swirl marks scratches or holograms from paintwork.

These are all common questions that we get when we are asked what the best car paint protection for a car may be. The Mustang above this paragraph was treated and completed with paint protection from our Toughseal brand which is an acryloplexin coating. Now is this the best paint protection for this car ? There is no simple yes or no to answer this question because what you really need to be asking yourself is….what is the best paint protection more so for you and what type of shine are you trying to extract from the end finish.


What This Post Is All About When It Comes To Car Paint Protection Films :
  1. What Car Paint Protection Do I Choose, Ceramic Coating Or Acryloplexin ?
  2. Should I Just By The Car Dealers Paint Protection Service ?
  3. What Different Car Paint Protection Films Are There
  4. How Much Should I Spend On A Coating Film ?
  5. Does Your Car Need Paint Correction Before Paint Protection ?
  6. How Long Does Paint Protection Last ?
  7. Should I Top Up My Paint Protection Periodically ?
  8. Is Paint Protection Bullet Proof ?
  9. Who Supplies Car Paint Protection Services?


Which Paint Protection Do I choose For My Car ?


Put Into Three Simple Answers Are The Following On How To Choose The Best Paint Protection For Your Car:

So which car paint protection do you choose for your new car or used car ? This is also a very commonly asked question as well, which paint protection do I choose for my car ? The car is going to be protected either way, whether you apply natural protectants, or man made, and they are not all bullet proof. They buy you time. It’s a question of how much time. The only difference between the lot of them is the longevity and qualities in their wearing properties and what reflective and protective properties they provide, and don’t for one minute believe that it is the paint protection that provides the shine. The paint protection will enhance the shine, but is not solely responsible for the shine.


The First Question You Must Ask Yourself

Do I Really Need Paint protection for my car ?

Whether you need to be buying paint protection for your car or not really largely depends on the use of that car and your interest in keeping your car’s new appearance new for as long as possible.

The car actually comes with it’s own paint protection film straight from the factory, guys. This coating film is called the clear coat. It’s primary job is to protect your car’s paint. That’s right folks. You car is already equipped from the manufacturer with protection for its two pack paint.

Having said this, the clear coat itself is subject to degradation and wear from the elements.

This coating is not bullet proof either, and will over time break down and wear away if not protected. If The vehicle is subjected to car washes that use harsh chemicals for the purposes of fast car detailing, this will also over time destroy your clear coat.


The Second Question You Must Ask Yourself

What Result Am I Looking For From This Type Of Application ?

What result you are looking for from your application has very much comes down to the colour of your car. Certain colours give off a certain flair and look when applied with natural or synthetic paint protection applications. Certain brands of polishes will impact the depth of your car paint when paint correction has also been carried out correctly. A skilled car detailer can achieve mind blowing results when they clearly understand their car care products and how these products work to deliver unparalleled results next to their competition.

This all largely depends on three factors. Do you like a deep wet look, or do you like a glassy look, or do you like both at the same time.

Wet Look Paint Finish

Wet Look FinishIf you like a deep wet look, there are various brands of paint protection applications that aid in this, but the deep wet look is more derived from natural products like that of copernicia cerifera ( Wax applications like Carnauba car wax from Mothers car care products or Meguiars products )

This also has a lot to do with the colour of the vehicle and what you are attempting to achieve.

Black cars look….” AWESOME “… with depth of colour. If you want to have that natural depth and finish, completing the job with natural waxes is the best way to go for this look.

Mothers Carnauba waxes and Meguiars wet look waxes and polishes are the best from our experience in achieving the wet look finish on practically any paint finish.

If the car were to be black, you would want the best possible wet look finish. Having said this, there is nothing to stop you from achieving this finish on any type of colour. Whether it is white or black, or if it is two pack paint or ceramic paint. All paints can have a wet look finish applied to them


Glassy Look Paint Finish

Mercedes paint protectionIf you are after this type of finished look on your car paintwork, expect to be using synthetic types of sealers above natural paint sealers.

Synthetic sealers are all man made and can be purchased off the shelf at your local auto car shop like that of Supercheap auto or Autobarn.

Your long term stuff you will need to deal with a professional car detailer who is in the business of providing long term paint protection services for cars.

Professional car detailers will know their stuff when it comes to this level of expertise. Man made protection tends to give off a much more glassier finish to a car’s paintwork. So whatever colour your car may be, if you want a glassier finish, apply anything that may be a synthetic paint sealer. One product we highly recommend for the do it yourselfers which you can buy off the shelf from your local car care shop is Autoglym hard wax.

This stuff is amazing. The reflective properties of this paint sealant, especially on the lighter colour like your silvers and lighter shades will produce results that will blow you away. Autoglym make some great quality sealers and polishes, anyway, so you won’t be dissapointed with this product.

The other type of car paint protection application will be the long term stuff which is primarily either silica carbide or acryloplexins. These two are usually what is sold as paint protection for new cars or used cars


The Third Question You Must Ask Yourself

If I’m Buying Long Term Paint Protection, Which One Do I Choose, Ceramic Coatings Or Acryloplexin Paint Protection ?

Ok, so you are buying car paint protection for a new car, lets say. Which one do you choose ? Well there are primarily two types. Acryloplexins and ceramic coatings which are based from a silicon carbide base, which is suppose to be very hard wearing and more resistant to wear than your normal acryloplexin.

The acryloplexin product which is also supplied by Toughseal also contains Teflon ( Polytetrafluroethaline ) which aids in deflecting fallout and other natural and un-natural fallout from sticking to paint surfaces therefore making washing very easy. This is an awesome product as we have been using it for about a decade now and the results produced at the end with very effective correction prior produces mirror finishes.

Either one of these is good but speaking from experience and the cars we have personally dealt with that have had either of these products applied, I can’t honestly say that one is better than the other. It all comes down to paint prep procedure. If this is not carried out correctly, you will not be happy with any protection application.

This probably has a lot to do with the applicator themselves rather than the product itself, as the vehicle must be corrected prior and brought to a flawless shine before applying any coatings on the paint. In most cases, this is never completed satisfactorily, therefore, diminishing the result which makes the application itself look poor in quality which it probably isn’t.

Which detailer you deal with has a lot to do with this and what their reputation in the industry is like when it comes to their work. The product itself may be great, but if the paint protection service centre or applicator itself is poor in their delivery, you will not be happy with the result.


Should I Just By The Car Dealers Paint Protection Service ?


Which Paint Protection Should I useNo you should not buy the car dealers paint protection service. Car dealers are for selling cars, not providing paint protection, rust protection ( which no cars rust these days anyway ) or tinted windows.

About the only item you should buy from a car dealer ( and they should be throwing them in ) is car mats and nothing more.

Car dealers don’t understand anything about car paint, how to prep it, or how to protect it.

They hire outside detailers in many cases, pay them very little, which get you either very poor quality products or just poor quality results when it is completed.

We’ve seen it too many times on a repeated scale where vehicles had either nothing applied, or the product used was of inferior quality and produced very little protection qualities with little or no prep work before the application itself. If they are using their own products, they are most definitely very poor quality products. They also mostly charge in excess of 1500 – 2000 dollars in many cases, as well.

Paint protection purchased from a credible detailer will not cost you anywhere near these figures. So put simply, buy the car from the car dealer, and get the hell out of there. Don’t fall for the pretty blonde with the big boobs attempting to draw you into her lair that is her office to sign you up for some seriously overpriced extras which cost a fraction to purchase from credible services outside.


What Different Car Paint Protection Films Are There ?


Porsche Paint ProtectionAs a general question, there really are only two types. Natural and man made. Synthetics and waxes.

The simplest way to understand this without getting into the science of it.

If you are purchasing a new car and are looking to buy paint protection for a new car, then it is more likely you will be purchasing a man made product like either a ceramic coating application or an acryloplexin coating.

These coatings are usually reserved for the the car owner who does not want to be polishing or waxing his car every three or so months.

This assists in the car being protected long term and allows the car to be washed easily and comes up with a shine non stop basically.

These are long term products which are designed to last to at least a five year period.

There are manufacturers that will claim longevity past five years, up to ten years, in fact but be wary of such claims. This has a lot to do with the use of the vehicle as to how long your paint coating lasts. If you are a car enthusiast, you will not want to necessarily purchase any of these products because you will probably be polishing and waxing your own ride every few months, anyway.


How Much Should I Spend On A Coating Film ?


You should not be spending anymore than on average of about 1300 – 1800 dollars on any car paint protection application, and this is reserved for some of the best paint protections on the market today, and not from the car dealer.

The car dealer usually charges more than 2000 dollars which really is a blatant rip off and will not provide the best coating films available. This includes ceramic coatings.

The average cost of any application for most cars, with an acryloplexin coating, is cheaper than this and speaking from experience, with what we have seen, works just as well primarily because of the car paint preparation which allows the application to look and work at its best.


Does Your Car Need Paint Correction Before Paint Protection ?


which paint protection is best for carsThe only time your car will need paint correction prior to a paint protection application is if the paint does not look its best.

If the vehicle in question is covered in swirl marks, scratches or paint imperfections,lacking paint depth or gloss, you will be wasting your money on any protection film and getting the best result from that coating film.

DO NOT… buy into the myth that your paint protection will somehow miraculously transform your car into a glass mirror.

If you do buy into this, then  you can’t say you didn’t ask for it.

Paint protection is for protecting paint, nothing more.

If your paint needs attention from scratches, swirl marks or holograms, then you should look at carrying out some level of paint correction treatments prior to any application.

New cars rarely require any paint correction ( even though we have corrected new cars from dealer issues ) but a strong polish and application afterwards will do ..WONDERS .. to the end finish. The car polish itself will draw out the best possible depth and your paint protection coating will pretty much lock it in.

It doesn’t matter what type of protection plan you use, preparation before hand is critical for the end result. Increase or maximise max depth and gloss, and then coat all paint with the film of your choice. This applies to wax coatings as well, not just man made synthetics.


How Long Does Paint Protection Last ?


Which Paint Coating Should I BuyThe average is about three years. This is a question that plagues many a car enthusiast and your everyday vehicle owner.

How long car paint protection lasts has much to do with the use of the vehicle and the care applied during the life of the vehicle.

Vehicles that are used every day and see rain hail and shine and very little cover will pretty much have a fairly short life expectancy, and usually below the claims of the manufacturer.

The average paint protection that we see in its longevity is on average of about three years in longevity.

This is primarily because the vehicle sees very little care from the owner in  terms of regular washing and upkeep.

I have had my own cars that have your everyday off the shelf synthetic sealers last just as long as the long term application and costs nowhere near as much. Why ? because these cars are not driven every day and are kept under cover when  not used. A vehicle that is well cared for, is kept under cover and has a coating film will last for years and usually sometimes even exceed the claimed lasting period.

Under our own recommendation, we usually inform our own customers to return the vehicle every twelve months for a top up which maintains the maximum strength of the applied treatment, but we only ever see one customer do this without fail every two years.

Their vehicle looks like it’s in show room condition every time we see it. As for the other customers, it only stands to reason that the product works, and they don’t deem it to be a necessity to spend more money on upkeep and that they are satisfied with the product itself.


Should I Top Up My Paint Protection Periodically


How Long Does Car Paint Protection LastYes and no would be the simple answer. Based on manufacturer specs, mostly paint protection applications don’t really require a top up, especially if they are really high quality grade applications.

With the experience that we have had with these man made protection products, we have come to know one thing about them.

Like anything else, nothing is as strong three years down the track as opposed to when it is new.

Primarily because of a lack of maintenance, we always recommend customers return at least once a year or even two years for a top up.

This not only aids in maintaining maximum strength but maintains your shine to its maximum. Even though we recommend this, rarely do any customers return periodically which basically says these product work well, and do not really require top ups. To answer the question though, ” should I top up my paint protection ” the simple answer is no, you don’t have to.

It is not required as the manufacturer will state the lasting strength of their paint sealant and will warrant the paint sealant for that duration of time. Warranties should be inspected carefully with how the product your purchase is supported by the manufacturer as there are very fine lines sometimes with products you may choose when it comes protecting car paint.


Is Paint Protection Bullet Proof


Classic Car Detailing SydneyNo It is not. This is a question we are often asked as customers are sold the belief that their car needs no upkeep what so ever an that their paint protection will last the life of the car.

There is nothing that lasts for ever and all products eventually wear down. It is why we recommend top ups every year or two. Be very weary of products that re sold as permanent ( unless it is a polyurethane film ) that they will last the life of the vehicle. Paint protection is not bullet proof and is not scratch proof. Poor upkeep or car of car paint will speed up the process of wear and tear to your application, Car washes are out of the question.

Car washes ( most of them ) use recycled water. In this recycled water you will find engine degreasers wheel acids and other harsh chemicals. These chemicals will speed up wear and tear on your paint protection application.

Yes, it will protect pour car paint, but not for long. Not to mention, using brooms to wash your car is not going to leave your paint sealant on there for long, as the most horrendous scratches are usually because of brooms being used to wash down car paint.

Answered simply, your car will still need to be washed sensibly …” BY YOU “… using quality wash products which will assist in prolonging the life of your paint film sealant and leave your car with a killer shine for years to come.


Some Facts You Should Be Weary Of From Car Dealers That Sell You Paint Protection


  • Our Product Last Forever
  • It is Bullet Proof
  • It is Scratch Proof
  • Is Resistant To Wear And Tear
  • Will Withstand All Chemicals
  • Will Withstand Anything
  • Self Repairs Itself
  • There Is Nothing Better On The Market
  • Detailers Provide Inferior Protection Products
  • Detailers Can’t Obtain The Same Products


Who Supplies Car Paint Protection Services?


Classic Car DetailingWe do. Here at Dr Buff, we can provide some of the best paint protection sealants on the market.

We have been applying these paint sealants for about a decade now and know all the ins and outs of correct preparation and application, so if you really are looking for a professional car paint care specialist, Dr Buff is one you can certainly trust.

We tell you how it is and what the best approach is when it comes to buying new car paint protection or if you are looking applying paint protection on a used car.

Either way, whether you are looking to buy an acryloplexin coating, or a ceramic coating, or even a good quality car wax, we know how to get the best out of your car paint when it comes to depth or gloss.

We have been in the car care industry all our lives and really know our stuff, so give us a call. If you have any questions at all with this blog post, call us today and we will answer all your queries when  it comes to car paint protection or looking after your ride and maintaining your shine  for years to come




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